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PSA: You can now use mai/vitamin/decrypted DLCs on NoNpDRM and retail games!


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Some people already knew about it since I heavily teased it on discord servers and twitter, but now latest rePatch update and rePatch AIDS have been released!

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There are 3 DLC modes:
-Encrypted only - in this mode you use only nonpdrm/retail DLCs
-Decrypted only - in this mode you use only mai/vitamin/decrypted DLCs and no nonpdrm/retail dlcs
-Mixed - in this mode you can use both decrypted and encrypted dlcs at the same time, for example: I installed 2 DLCs from NoPayStation and 160 mai DLCs and all 162 DLCs work at the same time in mixed mode.

in-depth tutorial in case you still have questions about new features or simply want to know more about modding in general: 

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