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Tutorials for Basics ( Errors / not working Apps, Updates & DLCs)

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hi guys, i just want to share a little from my experience here at NGR. i'm pretty much certain that most ppl in this community are experienced user for the vita scene. but for noobs and idiots like me, a simple error when installing or launching a game, or an error when simply just viewing a file, fells like a heart attack. as you can imagine, that is not very pleasant.

after trying so much effort but none of them seems right, i came spamming the chat box here (>_<), & asking questions that at a certain point, i was pretty sure very annoying to some ppl. even though the mods and admins here were always very very much helping me with their quick response and answers, i just can't helped it the situation that i'm being a drag. so for anyone that noobs or new like me, i would like to add a tutorials / advice in this section. and hopefully could be some help for someone.

for admins and mods, if this thread is not supposedly to be here, feel free to move or delete it.


1. Make sure the type of game dumps that you want to play
there 3 type of dumps out there : Vitamins, Mai & NoNpdrm. Vitamin dumps & Mai are decrypted files, meaning that they can be view anywhere whether from PC or VitaShell.

NoNpdrm dumps are not decrypted,meaning that the files they dumped are non-viable anywhere.
Please be advise & Remember that, Vitamins, Mai & NoNpdrm dumps are not compatible with each other.if you installed same games with different dump stack together, chances are you have to uninstall the game and re-install it over again.

if you have a game installed and don't know / forgot which dumps that were installed, here's a simple trick to do it from inside the vitashell or FTP client. Mai dumps are easily to recognize because when you go to your ux0:app/[TITLE_ID] folder, you'll see the (mai) folder. the most confusing are vitamins dumps & NoNpdrm dumps, because from the vitashell they didnt seem to have any differences at all, but remember that vitamin dumps are decrypted files, so you can just enter your ux0:app/[TITLE_ID]/sce_sys  

folder and open file [icon0.png] or [pic0.png]. if the files were open correctly then its a vitamin dumps. if not, its a NoNpdrm dumps & you'll get [Error 0xFFFFFFF] or some-thingy like that.

2. Make sure the type of game update patches & DLCs you're using
as stated above: Vitamins, Mai & NoNpdrm dumps are not compatible with each other, its literally just like that.

for example, if you installed a base game from vitamin dumps, and then you installed an update patches from NoNpdrm dumps,

this is what supposedly gonna happened

Press Δ at LiveArea, Press Δ at the game ( base game is vitamins, update patch is NoNpdrm) & Choose Update History


An Error will pop-out like this


although the game will probably still running normally, but it makes you wonder.....WTF is going on ? <== in your head

they're are hard to recognized because of the same folder structure they have, so you'll have to check them for yourself following instruction above.

for DLCs Vitamins have a Folder in ux0:addcont_plain/[TITLE_ID] to worked with. Mai Dumps DLCs i would recommend to transfer your [TITLE_ID]_addc folder, to ux0:MAI/ folder & install it from Mai dump homebrew.

3. Plug-Ins
after the flow updated enso to 3.65 firmware, it has been a very happy new year for all of us. but fortunately not all plug-ins are working correctly. check your ux0:PLUGINS folder and open file [GAME.TXT] to see or disable any incompatible plug-ins.
further info of compatibility list of Plug-Ins can be found

This is the hidden content, please

4. A certain specific Game Title -troubleshoot-
i've tested Criminal Girls : Invite Only [PCSE00516] & it didnt worked with ANY plug-ins running. make sure you have your ur0:tai/config.txt looked like this


if there is another line containing any plug-ins, just removed it and make it exact like this. i recommended to edit the ur0:tai/config.txt with notepad++ or HxD.

also move or delete from ux0:PLUGINS/GAME.TXT.  as for me, i make a folder inside PLUGINS and move all the plugins & configuration file there.

to summerize, this game HATE PLUG-INS & cant run with it. i don't know if someone elsewhere can do it, but i think this is the most ppl have trouble & struggling  with.

this applied to vitamins dumps, Mai dumps and NoNpdrm dumps. there are 2 more region that i havent tested yet, that is

[PCSB00636] & [PCSG00241] please inform me how they worked with Plug-ins. FYI i know this workaround from admins/mods here, but i forgot who (>_<). please have mercy.

& this is how they got their ass screwed with Plug-ins running.....



UPDATE 18-MARCH-2018 : 

I can confirm that plugins works fine for Criminal Girls : Invite Only [PCSE00516] (MaiDump version) and here's the requirements

A.  Make sure the game is MaiDump decrypted & fully working before

B.  Run MaiDump Tools homebrew & choose => Switch Game Loading => Load Type 4 ( use original eboot)

C.  i'm using enso 3.65 with All Plugins updated to the latest version, except for vitacheat for compatibility reasons. i use the VitaCheat v360 Z03 Beta (latest version is v360.z04Beta)

D.  I Setting up cheat for individual games titles in config.txt and it looks like this


I exlcuded the criminal girls game's ID from VitaCheat & so far in my config.txt there are 270 lines & all running just fine (might be more lines to add in the future)

E.  Reboot your device or if that didn't worked, try to Rebuild database.

F. Now you can enjoy ur fap sessions with d girls without worrying to change your config.txt every time you bought another pack of tissues.

i think that's about it from me...... so anyways, thank you all ppl at NGR (^_^)/

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