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Wii Parental Control Password Reset Tool

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I bought my Wii 2nd hand. It had the parental settings locked out with a code. I can confirm this works, as I have actually used it.

Instructions to access parental controls

Step 1
Turn on your Nintendo Wii console. In the bottom left-hand corner there is an icon that says Wii.
Step 2
Point your Wii remote towards that icon and when the cursor is on it, press the A button on the Wii Remote. You will be presented with two icons, Data Management and Wii Settings. The Wii Settings icon features a Wrench.
Step 3
Point your Wii Remote over the picture of the wrench and press the A button on the remote.
Step 4
Look at the settings screen that shows four options. The lower left hand corner shows that the settings are composed of three different screens. The Parental Controls is on the second screen. Point your Wii remote towards the number 2 and press the A button on the remote.
Step 5
Point your Wii Remote to the first option on the second page. Press the A button to select the Parental Controls.
Step 6
Set your Parental Control pin. This pin allows you access to the controls, and allows you to override the controls when necessary.
Step 7
Type in a four digit pin number.
Step 8
Answer a secret question if you ever forget your secret pin code for the system.
Step 9
Choose what rating system you will allow your child to play up to. Every game has a rating and the Wii can read these ratings and block more violent games from being played.
Step 10
If your Nintendo Wii has internet options, then the parental controls can also help block them out as well. Choose whether to allow or restrict use of the Wii Internet Browser. Block access to the News Channel, Message Boards, and the use of Wii Points.

Tips & Warnings

While the parental controls will block access to rated Wii games and Virtual Console downloads, it cannot access the ratings for Nintendo Gamecube games and all of those will be allowed to play.

For resetting the pin, answer forgot to both 7 and 8. Write down the Confirmation Number.

Next, go to this link and type in your Confirmation Number, it will give you your reset code.

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