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What game are you currently trying to get the Platinum Trophy on?

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I currently only have 6 plats,

Red Dead Redemption PS3

South Park stick of truth PS3

Far cry 3 PS3

Need for speed Rivals PS4

Hitman go PS Vita

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix ps3

But I'm super close to getting it on Far Cry 4 PS4 and on my Vita I'm working on Final Fantasy X. FFX is gonna be a b***h tho lol there's a few super hard trophies. What games are y'all working on, any fellow trophy hunters?

PS anyone who has much experience with final fantasy x I'd love to chat about the postgame grind.






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22 minutes ago, Lord Valarion said:

Working on Revenant Saga (hard mode) PS4

Nice. Haven't checked that one out. I hate to admit it but I finally got vitacheat working so I should have the Final Fantasy X Platinum soon lol I know I'm a cheating bastard... But all my other platinums we're legitly earned! I swear lol. Got one trophy left for Far Cry 4 but I need ps+ to do it which I don't have at the moment. What's ur PSN I'll add u. Mine is same as my name here phillybluntz530

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A couple of years ago I use to plat stuff, I got several, until I find out it pointless, I got burned out due to the grinding in most games I even stoped enjoying the games, anyhow last gamus I was working on was MGS V Phantom Paint I leave it at 96-98%. 

The others where:


Mass Effect

Mafia 2

The Evil WIthin

and a few others more. Other than that, enjoy your game time folks! and have fun.

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I am currently working on my second playthrough of persona 5 for ps3. I am on hard and tbh its a cakewalk. Other than that i have two other games on the backburner depending on my mood. I have super robot wars v for vita and yakuza 2 for ps2 on my ps3 so basically it depends on my mood what i play. Oh and mega man zero command missions for ps2.

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