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Restore Vitashell 3.65 Enso


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Hey all.

You lost Vitashell on 3.65 and you want Vitashell back on Enso?

PSVIMG Tools now supports adding vitashell to 3.65
Finally updated this. Tested and working.

1) Install CMA -

This is the hidden content, please

2) If CMA is prompting you to update before you can transfer, install QCMA -
This is the hidden content, please

This is the hidden content, please

4) Plug in your PSVita via USB to your computer. Open CMA (if prompted to update to 3.67 DONT! Run QCMA and relaunch CMA), run PSVIMGTOOLS-FRONTEND. (Your account and AID should be auto detected.)

5) On PSVIMGTOOLS-FRONTEND's popup menu, press "Easy Installers" > "VitaShell" > "Install" (button). The program should put Vitashell in to your default CMA "APPS" folder on your computer.

6) Open Content Manager on your PSVita. Press "Copy Content" > "PC -> PS Vita System" > "Applications" > "PS Vita" > Press on "VitaShell" to check it > Copy.

DONE! Now you have VitaShell 1.82 back on your device!

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Ok so ive asked around alot about this. So I have an issue that is relevant to this topic. I got 3.65 installed and I in my infinite wisdom decided to restore my PSTV due to an issue. Now I still have henkaku enso installed but my Vitashell and Molecular shell went poof. I dont have a computer to run cdma can anyone help me?

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