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Zero Tolerance for Disposable Emails

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Hello NGR Community,

There has seemed to be an increase in forum registrations that used disposable email providers to register an account here that have caught my attention. Here at NGR we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on disposable emails being used for NGR user registrations and that account will be banned permanently. I am currently in the process of banning hundreds of accounts that have violated this policy.

If you are guilty of this violation, please PM one of the Admin Staff:

@ckv1212@Yukiko@Super X@Djdragon44@Lord Valarion

and communicate that you have violated this policy. 

NOTE: No displinary action will be carried out against you if you communicate this to us, but we will expect you to correct this error and update your email to a legit email provider.

I highly recommend that you do this before I get to your account and initiate the bitch slap.

For those that think they can slip through the cracks, we will find you, you have been warned...

-The NGR Admin Team

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