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NextGenRoms ARK Server!


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Hi everyone! So we now have a dedicated ARK server. Me and @Djdragon44 have already set up a tribe for the admins and have built a decent base. 

Join in any time you feel like playing with us. Currently player limit at any one point is set to 10 but I will scale it when I feel like there are more people that wants in.

ARKs native server browser is really crappy and shows only about 10% of the existing servers. So just click the link below or copy paste it into a run window to join our server.

This is the hidden content, please


If the game runs like shit for you then press tab when you're on the server and enter r.vysnc 1 and press enter


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Might look into that once i get a laptop. You should consider a server on ps4 ark cause thats also on my list to get later as well. Plus it would be nice to get to know everyone here with that. What better way to bond then surviving and running like hell from homicidial dinos lol.

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