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How to use multiple memory cards, and SD cards on one Vita


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I think I've figured this out, and I am not 100% certain if this is a design feature of the new Vitashell 1.81 or not, but I have done this with three Sony Memory Cards, and two Micro SD cards, and am able to swap them seamlessly, to play all the games I have.  This is useful if you have multiple memory cards, multiple SD cards, or both. However, as far as I understand, you do at least need SD2Vita, and a micro SD card for this to work. You also need Henkaku Enso installed, and Vitashell 1.81. The key factor for this to work is that all of your Vita memory cards need to have all of the same files essentially as each other, save for different games and programs. Especially if your older cards were pre-henkaku, like mine were. If that is the case, all of your older cards will need to be reformatted. Let's start there. And provided that you have games on there you wish to keep, let's start with backing them up. So, let's start on the SD card boot. 

1.) If you are not already booting in SD, open vitashell, go into your tai folder, open config, and type or modify the line below the *Kernel


You'll notice two things in the picture provided. One, my gamesd file is in the ur0 folder. This is not fully necessary, it's just where mine is. If you gamesd file is in ux0, change accordingly. Also, note the hashtag... Right now, my Vita is in Memory card mode. To boot to SD mode, simply delete the hashtag, save the config, and shut down. Make sure you power off completely. If you are using Enso, this won't be a problem. 


If you don't need to back up your old memory cards, skip ahead. Once it's powered down, insert your first card with content you wish to save, and power on. If you followed the previous stop, you should be in SD mode. One of the great things about the new vitashell 1.81 is that you no longer need to FTP! In Vitashell, press start, and under USB device, select Memory Card, then press select. It's going to open your ux0 folder in your computer. Make a folder, and name it whatever you want, and copy the entire contents of your ux0 over to it. Once copied, exit USB mode, close all programs, and power down again. Repeat the above steps for each memory card you wish to back up, putting each memory card into it's own folder. Also, there is no guarantee that any games you have saved on your old cards will still work with Henkaku. There may be workarounds... But I gave up and just installed pirate copies. Moving on. 

2.)  The next step we're gonna need to do is format all of your old memory cards. This should happen automatically. Boot up, and if you're still in SD mode, go ahead and switch to memory card mode by adding that hashtag into line 5 of your config file (see pic above again)... Or whatever line your gamesd line is. Add a hashtag to disable that command, save, and power off. You are going to format all of your memory cards except for the main one you used before you got SD2Vita, which is likely your biggest one. Set your main one aside, and insert your older ones. If they have henkaku already on them, skip formatting. If nothing else, insert each card and power on, to see if they show up. If they show up, you should be fine... I had one say that formatting was required, and the other didn't. I formatted both anyway. Power down again, and go to the next step. 

3.)  Before you power on, insert your main Henkaku memory card... The one you were using before you got SD to Vita. Or, you can use the SD2Vita Doesn't matter. I used the memory card for the cloner, because it's obviously smaller, and thus, less data to move. Go into Vitashell again, and setup your USB to memory card, and press select. Once it comes up on your computer, go ahead and copy the entire folder of ux0 (basically open your vita on Windows, and copy EVERYTHING), into a new folder. Label this folder cloner for ease. In Windows, go into your cloner folder, and delete all of the large files and games that were installed on there. Do this carefully, because you only want to delete the games and unnecessary folders. If you are unsure, simply type the name of the directory into Bing (f**k Google), and it will tell you what that file is. 

The main folders you're going to be focusing on are: APP, APPMETA, and ADDCONT. The main folders in there you're going to be focusing on will say: PCSA, PCSB, PCSE, etc, followed by a number. For example, PCSE00717 is a game. Go ahead and delete that. 

DO NOT DELETE: VITASHELL, SKOG10001. Again, if you're unsure if it's a game or not, do a quick bing search. Delete those numbered folders in APP, APPMETA, and ADDCONT. The should all have the same numbers. After you've done this, check the size of that folder. Mine was 250MB, but that's because I didn't want to delete anything important. You might have more knowledge than me, and be able to shave it down even more. Basically, you're going to want this cloner folder to contain all of the system files, the files of Vitashell (most important), and any other files you wish to carry over to all cards, such as maidumptool, and the nonpdrm plugin. 

4.)  Once you've prepared your clone folder, switch back over to SD2Vita, and shut down again. Insert one of your formatted cards. and power back on. You should be in SD2Vita now. Once again, you're going back into Vitashell! Change your USB mode to memory card, and connect USB. Once the Vita pops up in Windows, copy the entire contents of your cloner folder into the Vita. Shut down, and repeat this step for every memory card you formatted. 

5.)   Go ahead and install games onto your memory cards as you normally would. Once you have all the games installed onto one card that you wish to put on there, go back into Vitashell, press triangle, and click refresh live area, and then refresh license database. Do this with every memory card, and then your SD2Vita. This should leave all of your bubbles, of all of your cards up. For ease of use, I've arranged my bubbles into folders, based on their respective card. 

Now, all you have to do to switch memory cards is power down (sorry, you still have to do that), and swap them out. 

Note: If you are on one card, and you click a game that is on another, you will get a corrupt data error. Don't panic, just remember that your data is somewhere else. 

Also, if you wish to have a second SD card, make sure you set it up the same way you setup the first SD card, but once it's formatted properly, simply copy the cloner folder over to the new SD card, and you're good as gold! 

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