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The Pinball Arcade (NoNpDRM) Request


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Would like to know if there are Users out there who can Post their Tables on the NoPayStation Site Database. There are quite a few Tables I would like to get, but I think others would as well. Also, any other Games that are Missing as well. 

This will require a Chrome or FireFox Extension that will show all the Games and DLCs you have from the PSN Store (Requires Logging in). Also, next, after you have the List of Titles, DLCs, and everything else, along with the PKG Links, you will then need to get the License Keys by running each and every Game/DLC you have, then after all that is done, copy over the ux0:License Folder to your Computer, then run a Program that will Decrypt those Files in order to create zRIF Files containing all the proper Decryption Keys for said Games/DLCs. 

Instructions on how to do these actions are detailed and correct on the NoPayStation Site in the "Database/ReadMe Tab" Page.

I only ask, because I have tried MANY times and many different ways of Installing the MaiDump Version of TPA, which ended up not working correctly or at all. Only other way is for Users to Submit their Games/DLCs Info since NND is pretty much the more compatible way of doing things now.

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