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Swapping between memory card and SD2Vita; something weird happened.


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I used to be able to do this with no issues whatsoever, and even today, it was working fine, but then I just had something very strange happen. I'm not sure if this is part of the design of the new Vitashell, or if this is something else. Originally, my vitashell on both the memory card and the SD2Vita was version 0.95. I upgraded to version 1.81 on the memory card first, then switched to the SD by adding the line ur0:tai/gamesd.skprx below the kernel. Went to SD no problem. I then shut down, inserted a different, but reformatted memory card in there, because I was planning on putting more games on that, but I needed to first put the vitashell onto the new memory card, so I moved the  vitashell vpk over to the new card, deleted the gamesd line, and restarted the vita... and immediately realized my stupid mistake! I can't run a vpk unless I have vitashell! Doh! So, I shut it down again, and inserted my regular memory card, and it rebuilt the database, and I was back to my memory card. No problem. 

My plan was to go back to SD, and copy the necessary folders directly to the new memory card, to see if that would work... But this time, when I added the gamesd line below kernel and restarted, I was looking at the bubbles and folders for my memory card still! Yet in the vitashell, the directories look like the SD card. Worse still, back on the live area, any game I try to run gives me a corrupted file error! Removing the line fixes this, and those games run again, but I couldn't get back to the SD card... until I went back into the vitashell (with the gamesd line inputted, and after restarting), I pressed triangle, and clicked on 'Refresh livearea'. Now, all of my SD bubbles are there... But now, so are the memory card ones! So, is this a function? Or did I screw something up here? When in SD mode, SD games play. When memory card, those games play... I don't mind my screens being crowded, but I just need to know if this is normal for vitashell 1.81?

I forgot to mention, I am running Enso. 

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