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Pinball Arcade (PCSE00065) USA v1.25 NoNpDRM/PSN


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Got Pinball Arcade Cheats :D
I was following the Instructions for NoNpDRM Dumping, but for some reason, the Game Folders would not show on my SD2Vita Card in my PC. So I just replaced the work.bin File to see if it would still work, which it did. Next thing I know, the Codes I found now start working. There is a Issue with the Points Scored Code. I created it under the Big Shot Table, and it worked. However, there are times, it will not work. Also, it will not show on other Tables, but will show on the Final Score Display.
Also, I am looking into the Always Ball 1 Code. Going to have to create a Code for EACH Table, as each one seems to be a different Address, but share the 1st 6 Digits. So will take a while. In the meantime..... . Codes seem to work on Official PSN, so they should work in theory for NoNpDRM if anyone has theirs that way.

I tried to get a MaiDump Version, but that did not run, despite following all Instructions as Written.

Address to Avoid when Searching for Codes:
$#### 82E69530
Not sure why, but lately when I am looking for Codes, this Address will always show up, but does nothing. Ignore it.




# PCSE00065 Pinball Arcade Ver1.25

_V0 999,999 Points-SomeNotShow
$0200 82A66C40 000F423F

_V0 Always Ball 1-Creat-T2
$0000 8289D7E0 00000001

_V0 Always Ball 1-MM-TAN-TZ-MB
$0000 8289D783 00000001

_V0 Always Ball 1-Stiff-Magic
$0000 8289D780 00000001

_V0 Always Ball 1-Mars-CV
$0000 8289D786 00000001

_V0 Always Ball 1-Teed
$0000 8291D754 00000001

_V0 Always Ball 1-STTNG
$0000 8289D7E3 00000001

_V0 Always Ball 1-FunHouse
$0000 8289D7DF 00000001

_V0 Always Ball 1-BridePB
$0000 8289D7D9 00000001

_V0 Always Ball 2-RipBIoN
$0000 8173D553 00000001

_V0 Always Ball 1-HiO
$0000 8289D789 00000001

_V0 Always Ball 1-BigSht-Genie
$0000 82A66C50 00000005

_V0 Always Ball 1-BlkHle-Gor
$0000 82A66C50 00000003

These are all the Tables I have. There is only 1 other that seems to be VERY hard to find which I will keep on looking for.

Added a couple extras since I was able to put NoNpDRM DLC into my PSN. :D

Now if only to find the No Tilt Code

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Added more Codes
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