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Urban Trial Freestyle (USA) (EU) NoNpDRM


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Was able to find 2 Codes finally. Money Code apparently is a Floating Point Value. The Crashes Counter required me to increase the Search Size of the Addresses (0x81000000 -> 0x90000000) . Now to see if I can find the 2 Clock Timers.

Thanks goes to Borderlinez at CodeMasters for the Money Code Help and Seven Sword at Speedfly for suggesting the Memory Size Increase.


# PCSE00051

_V0 $999,999
$0200 813B4DD4 497423F0

_V0 99,999 Points
$0200 89B36AD4 47C34F80

_V0 0 Crashes
$0200 89B36AC0 00000000

_V0 Inf Time-20Sec Passed
$0200 89B36ABC 41A6424D

Urban Trial Freestyle (EU) NoNpDRM


# PCSB00038

_V0 $999,999
$0200 813B4DD4 497423F0

_V0 0 Crashes
$0200 89B36860 00000000

_V0 Inf Time 20Sec Passed
$0200 89B3685C 41A6424D


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