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(Request) Tools or Tutorial for finding Pointers


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I am pretty good at finding Cheats on my 3DS, and have even found a good amount of Dynamic/Pointer Codes. But what I really want to do is find Codes for my Vita Games. I have found as much as I can with the Codes that are not Dynamic, but there are Codes that I can not find because I do not have the Tools or Instructions on how to find them. I have tried TempAR, but that did not work out......not to mention there differences.

But you look at the Codes for a lot of Games, and you see that those are not typical Codes. I know of 2 LEGO Games that have Cheats for them (LEGO Hobbit(EUR-VPK) and MSH(USA-Mai ) ). I try to find Codes with no luck. If anything, I am looking for Codes for these Games:

Angry Birds Trilogy (EU) VPK - Always have Starting Amount of Birds

Angry Birds-Star Wars (EU) Mai - Same as above

God of War Collection (USA) VPK - Infinite Double Jumps

LEGO Games Not Mentioned (US except for Avengers(EUR) VPK - Health and Studs

Pinball Arcade (US) VPK - Always Ball 3 if possible. Might need separate Codes for separate Tables. 

Pinball Heroes (US) VPK or NoNpDRM - Always Ball 3 (Tested. Dynamic Address. 81######

Sonic Transformed (US) VPK

Spy Hunter (US) VPK - Vehicle Health, Nitro

Tetris Ultimate (EUR) VPK - Always have Speed Level #


Any way of getting Codes for Legit PSN Games will be useful. Seems VitaCheat is the only Cheat Engine to come up, but the Codes I find end up not doing anything.

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OK..........Seems Pinball Heroes-Complete runs weird. Found the Codes for it, but there are 2 Sets of Codes. a First Run, then it stays on another Set, and it stays at it.


# PCSA00109

_V0 Always Ball 3-1stRun-Pain
$0000 81D9F280 00000003

_V0 Always 6x-1stRun-Pain
$0000 81D9F1AC 00000006

_V0 9999999 Points-1stRun-Pain
$0200 81D9F1A4 0098967F

_V0 Always Ball 3-PSN-Pain
$0000 81D9F130 00000003

_V0 9999999 Points-PSN-Pain
$0200 81D9F054 0098967F

_V0 Always 6x-PSN-Pain
$0000 81D9F05C 00000006

_V0 Left Ramp Count-PSN-Pain
$0000 81E641D4 00000063

_V0 Middle Ramp Count-PSN-Pain
$0000 81E641F4 00000063

_V0 Right Ramp Count-PSN-Pain
$0000 81E64214 00000063

_V0 No Tilt-PSN-Pain-Problems
$0000 81D9F128 00000000

The last Code I tried to find, I get Problems with. So this needs to get looked into

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