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GekiHEN - A Homebrew Competition


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GekiHEN Contest


The first ever homebrew contest for Henkaku has just been launched by the hacking scene over at CustomProtocol, where you'll be able to vote for homebrews that you like or submit homebrews that you have created. There are currently 4 categories in which you'll be able to participate in and earn prizes:

- Best game (reward: 200 $ / 180 €)

- Best utility/hack (reward: 200 $ / 180 €)

- Best emulator (reward: 200 $ / 180 €)

- Best plugin (reward: 200 $ / 180 €)

Other groups that are helping CustomProtocol maintain this competition include:

- PlayStationHax

- PSX-Place

- VPKMirror

- Wololo

Thanks to all of the groups mentioned above, espicially CustomProtocol, for making a competition like this possible. I can't wait to see all of the ideas that people come up with :). Now, there are a bunch of other things to note about this competition such as the rules. If any of this interests you in anyway, please visit the official website where everythng is explained properly there

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Has anyone seen that IRC Chat Room app they have listed for the competition, I freak'n love it, I always need an outlet for my conversation side can't get any better then this I mean hell competent gaming, and easy open social chat rooms all in one portable console get outta here xD

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