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FCC just voted against Net Neutrality !!!

Super X

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USA effected People :

I think people forget NN was only in law for a short period of time (2.5 years).  Nothing (much) happened the other years I don't see it it suddenly getting bad just because an Obama approved law was canceled (who says it can't come back? NN has been in debate for years).  If it gets China bad and we get censored content all over, then I see an uprising occurring.  US internet won't be regulated by a govt though, it will be regulated by an ISP, aka our wallets will need to talk for us. 

Also, I don't think I'm completely off in saying that the next US president will most likely be looking to reinstate NN if a Democrat is voted in.  GOP is taking a lot of bad rap from what I'm seeing.  I don't wanna get super political, so I'll leave it at that.

I did a little poking and there has been very little incidents in all the years of the internet, the worst being Comcast blocking people's P2P services to stop torrents.  We all know how bad Comcast's rep is now! 

We are already being monitored by our ISP and there is gigantic data retention services courtesy of Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. If there is mandatory data retention laws passed for ISPs like in the UK, then I'll probably get more concerned.  Right now I don't think our ISPs are eager to screw with us and risk losing business with customers that are used to how their services have been.  Ya never know though.. 

Basically, I still think it will all boil down to money.  People will flock to ISPs that don't try to be unfair.  If there is a monopoly, more ISPs could spring up and get tons of supporting customers if they know it will be a fair service. If an ISP is trying to try to be crooked and take advantage of the fact that there is no more NN, angry customers using social media will tear into them with bad reports. 

I saw nothing, so far, about any ISP ever trying "variable pricing" yet. -_- However, I see that Cox was introducing 1 TB bandwidth caps not long ago, even before NN was repealed.  Guess they found away around NN, or planned ahead?

Either way, let's (effected parties) keep on eye on things and hope there will eventually more stability in the US govt and we get NN back, or least a fair middle ground.. The whole White House vs MSM thing is driving me nuts already.. X_X

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