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Does save from maidump/vpk is compatible with nonpdrm ?



Hello, I got error C0-11138-4(The File is Corrupt) when launch gravity rush using maidump save T_T. So i deleted save from maidump and open the game again it's working just fine ^_^. My question is does all save game from maidump i had played so far can't be used to nonpdrm dump ? 

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Hi, i got the same issue. But i didn't want to re start a new game after beat the game at 100%, just wanna play DLC.
Okay, so yes, sometime there is some issue with save file/folder when u installing/playing by a different way (vpk, nopdrm...etc), i've finish the game with the physics one. My save doesn't recognize by installation from MaiDump and i got "C0-11138-4". I thought the issue from the dlc wasn't EUR (it's US) but after more than 5 hours, i found the issue came from the save and 2 hours later i found how solve it
Vita Save manager. U have too make a backup with this apps with game work before u install an other because the game must work for the back up. After export, installe the new way and import the save in ;)
For me i re installe the game where the game take my save>backup export>install game withMaiDump with dlc>import save>beat the game again :D 

Oh and i've never loose my save in this proccess because for me it's NOT possible, then i make a backup from ux0/user/00 in the begining. The stupid thing in Vita it's when u delete a game from livearea, it remove savedata... f**k this seriously. before any try or as possible make a backup with the folder+Vita Save Manager if u doesn't want loose ur save
Actually, i beat the game at 100% include dlc, thanks internet to gave me tools/answer

PS : Yeah really bad english but for everyone got some brain u're going to thing it's not my mother tongue ^^

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