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About my uploads on STACK


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Hey guys and girls ;)

My STACK account has some issues so all my uploads on that hoster are not available. No real idea whats up with it was working yesterday just fine :r.i.p:

I am already doing my re-uploads but that will take a while maybe even a month as Christmas is around and i will be more with the family ^-^

The re-uploads will be on Mega.nz casue they still offer the best free space with good speed and a decent limit.

Also a few games/uploads might not come back as i do not have em anymore on my HDD.


Also reporting my threads isn't really needed as i know that everything on STACK is not online anymore :NepWink:


Sorry for the inconvenience



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Well it seems there are some server issues again so my downloads are not available for the time.

Sorry for the inconvenience :megumisleep:

I am working on re-uploading but that will take a month or even two before i have everything online again.

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