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What its this for ?

This tutorial will help you into create an ISO out of a FOLDER ps3 game. However as a recomendation the game should stay in FOLDER format instead of ISO, the only main reasons you should create an ISO are the following.

The only real advantage of creating an ISO would be 

  • To reduce the quantity of files. (Ie from 4618 files to 3 or 5), this would improve the speed of transfer.
  • Split BIG FILES that wont fit into a FAT32 driver. 

What you needed

  • PS3 Iso Tool (You can get it --- Please login or register to see this link.  ---)
  • PC
  • PS3 with CFW with COBRA enabled (you can do it under the rebug tool box)
  • A PS3 game in folder format
  • USB, External HDD or FTP/Ethernet to transfer your game to internal memory

Quick Guide

Open "PS3 Iso Tool"

Select CFW, Firmware to the latest or ignore it then Click "Create ISO"


I recommend marking the following options.

However you can decide if you want a full ISO if your HDD is NTFS or a split one if you are using a FAT32 HDD. In this case check (fat32) or uncheck (ntfs) "Split ISO's to fit on a FAT32 device"


Select the folder where the folder game is locate, click OK


Select the folder where you want the ISO to be place, click OK


Wait until its done


Then go to the folder where the ISO was placed, create a new folder and name it like the ISO, and put all the files of that game there.


Now you can transfer the newly create folder with the ISO to the internal memory HDD0:PS3ISO/, or even play from your External HDD or USB Drive just create a folder named PS3ISO and place the folder there. (Not recommended to play on USB Drive since it will die quickly).


Quick Notes:

Some games may not like to be create into an ISO, only games I've found so far are Nights of Azure (jp) and Splinter Cell Trilogy.

Games like "Way of the Samurai", "Splinter Cell Trilogy", "The Simpsons, The Game", are games that have over 20,000 files, where Splinter Cell Trilogy is the one that has the most i've encounter so far (47,000++ files)


Thanks to the devs of the app and the person who create a tutorial similar to this one that teach me.
Thanks to @alzy1982 for poiting out about the ntfs hdds.

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3 hours ago, alzy1982 said:

I use the same program to create my ISO files but I don't bother to split them into parts for a FAT32 hdd. Irisman read NTFS format so no need really.

This is correct, im gona update the tutorial. I just stick with the fat32 because I use it to play with diferent consoles and it was easier since its more compatible.

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