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For this codes to work you need the cheat plugin Vitacheat/Finalcheat. you can get it here now because the main one got taken down.:(

Please login or register to see this link.

The cheat plugin also works on NoNPDRM dump games.



-This is a NoNpDRM Dump

-The code both works on PSVita and PSTV

Please login or register to see this code.


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Question: I got the Codes from Speedfly, the Infinite Health Code worked perfectly.......now it wont. Confirm it is

$0200 8A835934 3F800000


Also, what are the 3-4P Codes for?


Edit: Had to Search again on the NoNpDRM Version. The one I found works perfectly.

_V0 1P Inf Health
$0200 8A735934 3F800000

_V0 Inf Life Bar Blood
$0200 8A735938 3F800000



_V0 CPU Takes 2x Damage <--- Original by Optantic and eco95
$0200 81F8DAFC 40000000

_V0 CPU Takes 3x Damage
$0200 81F8DAFC 40400000

_V0 2on2 1P Inf Health
$0200 8A798B94 3F800000


Need confirmation about this Code. Does not want to function correctly

_V0 Inf Fatality time by optantic 
$D002 81F96988 0000000F 
$0200 81F8BA48 0000000B 
$0200 81F949C4 00000000 
$D002 81F96988 00000000 
$0200 81F8BA48 00000000 
$0200 81F949C4 00000000

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