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Neptunia And Monster Monpiece Black Screen



Hoy, i apologize for having to boot up a topic about my problem but i'm unable to find any other answer to my issue and since i'm relatively new to the scene (got a 3.60 motherboard last week), maybe someone can point me some light.

I got this Monster Monpiece UNCENSORED[EU][NoNpDRM][PCSB00473] it doesn't even boot, tried an USA version applied the patch but no good. On the Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed side its the same thing, but i tested the game without anything installed and it loaded okay, but the nude MOD doesn't work it gives me a black screen when loading the title screen. So i pretty much just installed the basic stuff: Adrenaline, nondrm plugin. Everything is working on an SD2Vita card with a 32gigs mounted as Ux0 and the plugins are on Ur0. At some point i did tried to use maidumptools but nothing worked.

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Ahh~ I looked around on the forum and I believe I found the mod you're talking about in particular. So NoNpDRM Games are NOT decrypted, meaning the mods you find around don't work the same way as MaiDump, which is what the mods are made for. However, there are ways to mod NoNpDRM games, see here: 

This is the hidden content, please

As for the mods, I personally have them installed, and I'm using the MaiDumps of the games, which is what those mods are made for. So in the end, try to find the MaiDump of the game, then apply the mod, and try from there.

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@hentaikun I went ahead and moved your thread to the correct location for a better chance of getting answered~


I'll take a stab at it while I'm here. Do you think you could link me the posts you got the games from? I could test it on my Vita to test to see if they work.


Something else to consider, is if you're using RinCheat or VitaCheat, some games really don't like them, and won't boot with them enabled.

Let me know~

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