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Update your vita to 3.60


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As you may know, Henkaku requires firmware 3.60 to work. To counter this, $ony has released firmware 3.61 which patches Henkaku.

Updating over network will put to to the latest firmware 3.61, so if you want to install 3.60, you'll have to do it a bit different way.

With QCMA, we can fake the PS Vita to think that 3.60 is the latest and that way install 3.60 firmware.

Requirements for installing 3.60 are:

1. QCMA installed (

This is the hidden content, please

2. Firmware 3.60 file

This is the hidden content, please

3. Vita with firmware under 3.60

4. Modified psp2-updatelist.xml for your region Make sure the version says 3.60. [/b]

9. Install the update. After the installation you'll be in 3.60, and are ready to install Henkaku

This is the hidden content, please

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