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PKGI issue maybe????


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So I've installed pkgi and installed a few games without issue. Earlier this morning, I downloaded two games from there, Dead Nation and Adventure of Mana (which I legally own).

When I went to start Dead Nation, it just hung and wouldn't start and could not go back to the home screen. So I held the power button down until I got to the recovery menu and restarted the system. But it hung on the Enso boot logo then finally looked like it was going to boot up but instead just went to a black screen. I left the console on while I went to sleep (I work nights)  but was still on the black screen when I woke up several hours later.

So booted up while holding the left trigger and it booted fine but was telling me that any app i started was corrupted.

I went back to the recovery menu and (genuinely without meaning to) rebuilt the database. This booted fine but reverted back to the official memory card and not my SD2Vita card.

If I turn the console off again and try to reboot, it just goes back to hanging on the Enso logo and finally just to a black screen. 


Any ideas on how to fix before I clear the memory card and start over?

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I finally had a little time to look into this more and I'm happy to say that I sorted it without the need to format. 


I did have to delete anything downloaded via pkgi in my app folder on my memory card via my laptop.

After I did this, I tried the card back in my vita and all works fine again. The only evidence of what was in my app folder is the icons of games which I had to delete too.

It's certainly something to look out for though. If I had more time I would've listed all files that were in my app folder and deleted them one by one until I found the offending file that was causing a conflict. 

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