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For this codes to work you need the cheat plugin Vitacheat/Finalcheat. you can get it here now because the main one got taken down.:(

Please login or register to see this link.

The cheat plugin also works on NoNPDRM dump games.



-The codes maybe different between PSTV and PSVita I think?

-This is an English Patch

-I'm using PSTV

-The settings I use in Mai is option 5 {Load mode 0+ I0 hook (supports plugin and DLC)}




-Removed Laxia's Stats cause i'ts addressed moves. Give me time to fix

-Added Infinite Extra Gauge

-Added Infinite Skill Gauge

-Added Item Addresses so you can mod the items .You can only modify the value (the ones you already have)



-Added Laxia Stats

-Added Sahad Stats

-Added Ricotta Stats

-Added Hummel Stats

-Added Dana Stats


Please login or register to see this code.



Please login or register to see this code.

Some Tips:

-For the Level code, just turn it on, go back to the game and kill an enemy then turn it off. Once your 99 just edit the code to 62 HEX (98) DEC then go kill an enemy so you can see you permanently level up to 99.

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@kushmeister That's the only problem for the lot of us because the offsets change depending on what type of system you have like FatVita, the slimvita and PSTV. Plus what kind of dump the game is like, Vitamin, Mai, and Nonpdrm+NoPayStatation. Oh and the version patch and dlcs too.


@mamatkhaled14 You are right, I hope many of us knows how to search codes then post it here and share their own version of the code. Oh man if only I remember how to pointer search.

P.S. This game uses float on the Stats of the characters so just go to search and press O on the value then Press square to shift from DEC/HEX and Float. But I think it's better to use fuzzy search.

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That or probably our system is different. Try Fuzzy searching the Health and you know how to read float right if you don't, don't worry because you can see it from the lower right the float value. And here is the one i'm using:


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when trying to search  hp/str/ def,  use fuzzy search since the value not same as display

set the range around 8A000000-8D000000 bcause that is where they hiding..

also make sure u got a lot of hp/str/ elixir for easy search

@noelxleon thank u very much for the code especially the stats one..already finish the game but always failed when trying to find stats code.thanks again.:handgestures-thumbupright:

*sorry my english bad

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Sorry for the code for not working because it's the PSTV code. I will work on seperate cheat codes for the vita. And thank you @mamatkhaled14 for the Vita codes it seems the Adrress offset between PSTV to Vita is one offset away as always. 

_V0 INFINITE SKILL GAUGE                                _V0 Infinite Skill Gauge  

$0200 82FDE3A0 00004E20                                 $0100 82EDE3A0 00004E20

_V0 INFINITE EXTRA GAUGE                               _V0 Infinite Extra Gauge

$0200 823C18E4 3F800000                                  $0200 822C18E4 000186A0

It's always one offset below PSTV code but still depends whether the game is updated or not so not hard to change.

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On 03/11/2017 at 6:24 PM, mamatkhaled14 said:

here my code for this game ..feel free to try

Please login or register to see this code.

if still not working and you still want to spam skill and ex skill , i will guide u how to search for this code

hello bro can u make a video with explaning searching status bar like HP, i want to know the best steps u do,since it took a week find a,hearts,battery status on danganrom another episode. vitacheat is not easy as tempar for m hehe. can u pm me bro for video or link.ty.. btw the still not work on my ys8 english dub english patch v5 load 5

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@jia19 sorry i cant make video..and i do not  know how to find hp bar for this game (ys8) . only str and def stats i manage to find thanks to noelxleon code .

now noelxleon update the code for psvita. go check it out.

@noelxleon now your codes works great for me:banana-dance:. no need for me to search stats code manually anymore( it pain in the neck ). thanks a lot :handgestures-thumbupleft: and i hope u keep sharing your code:handgestures-salute:

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@mamatkhaled14 actually the HP is right above the STR and DEF and you do not worry about @jia19 I already made him a video guide on my twitch channel.

@stevo_l33 I'm also using Henkaku Enso on both of my psvita and PSTV. The only tips in my opinion for the code to work is closing the app and restart it again or reload your save game. Feel free to send me a message if you guys still have a problem or want some tips on how to find a code?

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