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NoNpDRM Plugin + Game Install Tutorial


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NoNpDRM Information

What is NoNpDRM?In a nutshell, this plugin allows you to bypass DRM protection on any PS Vita content. (More Info found 

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What's the advantage of NoNpDRM over MaiDump or Vitamin?: NoNpDRM is a application free, "Drag and Drop" type of tool. Meaning you simply drag files on to your Vita, refresh the live area, and then you can play right away!

Is it dangerous to go online/Possible to update NoNpDRM games?: Not at all! You can play online with people/parties with no worries. (No Ban Reports that have been backed with source. Only thing to really be concerned with is Trophy Hacks) Yes, you can update NoNpDRM games using the official update button on the Vita/Bubble.

Can I still mod/use the NSFW/Translation Mods that have been posted for MaiDump games?Yes! There's a different method, but yes you can. (

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Is Enso Required to run?: Although on the GitHub it does not say it's required, I would recommend using it to prevent issues, as some users have had issues with out it.

Now on to the good stuff!


NoNpDRM Plugin Installation

Step 1: Download NoNpDRM from here: 

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 (The latest of this writing is 1.1)

***NOTE***: This step may be different for you, so read carefully. I personally used SD2Vita and have it mounted as ux0, and my "tai" folder is in ur0, check where yours is before just copying and pasting!

Step 2. Move the "nonpdrm.skprx" file downloaded above into your tai folder, again, mine is in ur0.

Step 3. Open your config.txt found in the tai folder, and add "ur0:tai/nonpdrm.skprx" under *KERNEL. Like so:


(*Note* My Config might be different than yours, only add the nonpdrm line for this tutorial, all the others are not a part of this tutorial)

Step 4. Reboot the Vita! You're done! That's all it takes to install the plugin.

(If your Vita gets stuck on the Molecule Logo (if you have 

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installed), that means you've configured the config.txt incorrectly. Hold the Power button for 30 second, enter the safe menu, hold the L trigger when you hit Restart, and try again.)

As I said earlier, there is no app, or bubble that represents that it's been installed.

On to the next part, installing a game!


NoNpDRM Game Installation

For this example, we're going to use Limbo found Here. (Thanks @SaffronXL for the rip!)

Once that's downloaded, extract it using 7zip/WinRAR.

***If you see an empty folder, you have to disable "Hide Protected Operating System Files" in Folder Settings.***


You should now see an "app" folder, followed by "PCSE00268" inside of the "app" folder.

Now, to install the game, simply drag the "PCSE00268" folder into the "app" folder on your Vita.

This is the hidden content, please

Now, wait until that is done.

Once it's done transferring over, back all the way out in VitaShell (Minimum Version 1.70 of VitaShell REQUIRED) until you see all of the Partitions. (os0,pd0, etc., etc.,) Hit Triangle, then hit "Refresh livearea".

Let that complete, and it should say "Refreshed 1 Item(s)"

If you get a menu that says "Refreshed 0 Item(s)" - That means the NoNpDRM plugin isn't set up correctly. Go through the settings and config.txt to verify everything is correct.

And you're done! You can now leave VitaShell, and you'll see the game on the last page of the LiveArea!


That's the meat of it! A couple games are different with Patched and Content, but you just drag those into the content and patch folders, exactly like you did with app.


Misc Links

NoNpDRM Megathread: 

If you come across any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below, or shoot me a PM! I'll gladly help anyone having issues!

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  • Yukiko pinned this topic

@leemufc Hey~!

I also have my SD2Vita mounted on ux0. I have moved my "tai" folder to ur0: , and adjusted the paths as seen in the picture above (ignore the Adrenaline one). Reboot, and everything should work as long as you change the paths to ur0.

Keep in mind, you have to move the tai folder from ux0, to ur0, as in you no longer have a tai folder in ux0.


Let me know if you need anything else~

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thanks for reply i separate files


but nothing work

i try many difference ways and nothing work am confused many plug work But nonpdrm plugin is different thats i try 3 whole days but nothing happen



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So here's an example of my exact config.txt. Keep in mind, I'm using SD2Vita, so my "tai" folder is on ur0, instead of the default ux0, so your exact lines may change depending on where your config.txt is. (Judging by your example, it's in ux0).


Give it a look over, and see if you can find anything strange about your config, if not, let me know and we can look into a couple more things.

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@EVILGOKU I gotta say, you've got me stumped. I've helped several people set this up, and for the life of me I cannot find any reason why it's not working. I've looked at your files, config settings, everything like 5x over, and nothing looks wrong. My only guess, is to try with Enso, but It's not required as said so by TheFl0w. I cannot thing of anything else to try that could help with it.

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