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@Warlord Blade Thanks!


@jmac2911 Hello! (also, do you have another account? @jmac0033)


Anyway~ Welcome to NGR! Here we have a very large grouping of dumps of all shapes sizes, and methods!

Currently, there are 3 dumping/installing methods. Vitamin (Oldest, not used anymore), MaiDump (Still used) and the newest addition, NoNpDRM (best option imo). We have several Megathreads where our lovely Admins have grouped the dumps that have been posted for easy access!

Vitamin 1.0/1.1: 

Vitamin 2.0: 



If you need any technical help, feel free to respond or jump on the Chatbox found in the main part of the website, and I'll gladly help with whatever I can~!


Edit: Spelling :NepWink:

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