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For this codes to work you need the cheat plugin Vitacheat/Finalcheat. you can get it here now because the main one got taken down.:(

Please login or register to see this link.

The cheat plugin also works on NoNpDRM dump games.:D



-The codes maybe different between PSTV and PSVita I think?

-The setting I use in MAI is option 4.Use original eboot (no p.support)

-I'm using a PSTV


Please login or register to see this code.

Additional Notes:

When you use the Max Stats code and turn it off after and then level up, it will reset the stats into the current level you have.

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      Im looking for Shadow of ronin for psvita european version
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      hi folks, anyone can help me with my problem? i just following this trick (link in bellow) and can t work in my ps vita, my psvita still using vitashell ver 1.61 and my psvita firmware still using 3.60, if u can help me, please reply
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      Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga UNDUB

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      Password: [email protected]
      Size: 2,43 GB compressed
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      Tested on: Softmodded PS2 50004 with OPL from a 2,5 HDD
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      Since no one seems to be putting this here, Ima share it.  This is Criminal Girls Invite Only mod where everything has been set to how it's supposed to be, with additional interesting stuff.
      What's been changed / added to this mod:
      - the word MOTIVATE has been changed back to PUNISH in the Infirmary
      - punishment method names has been changed to Spanking, Electric Flick, Gooey Lesson, Tingling Course, Healing Touch respectively. Before they were Maintenance, Edgeplay, Slippery Slope, Tickle Party, and Aftercare. You will still see these names but in a form of Miu's skill set.
      - pink smoke has been cleared out. You can pretty much see everything now. But that doesn't mean you get to see everything very early. You still need to progress through the game in order to see the goods.
      - Lewd mod has been added. Since basically the decensoring only removes the smoke, the mod adds an additional *bonus* to your punishment time. To be precise, you can see the upper part of the body without any hindrance (given you've progressed through the game).
      - the Tutorial (whenever it's your first time for each girl to do the punishment) will still show the censored version, same goes for the Scene Gallery (once you unlocked it), the thumbnails will show the smoked version but that is only for show. Everything has been decensored and modded so don't worry.
      How to install:
      - download the file and extract it, it should give you "data.dat" file.
      - For Mai users, replace the "data.dat" file inside the PCSE00516 folder with the modded "data.dat" then install the game using Maidump. Afterwards, Switch game loading of PCSE00516 Criminal Girls Invite Only to Mode 4 (Use original eboot).
      - For NoNpDrm users, make a PCSE00516 folder and put the modded "data.dat" inside it. Then put the newly created PCSE00516 folder inside rePatch folder. Install the game. If this doesn't work, instead of putting the PCSE00516 folder in rePatch, just put it simply to Patch folder.
      - To make sure and find out that you have successfully installed the mod / patch is by going through the First Save Point (Infirmary). If you see PUNISH instead of MOTIVATE in there, congratulations. Game on.
      UPDATE: This is another way to install via NoNpDRM thanks to Nino_Z
      Here is how I got it to work on NoNpDRM.
      1.I deleted the DATA.DAT file from the game folder "PCSE00516" which is in apps since the patch has that full file and will replace it.
      2. I've copied the param.sfo file from the game folder known as "sce_sys" and placed it in the patch folder "sce_sys". All games need this file and it's missing in the patch for some reason. If you don't do this, the game will not start.
      3. I've placed the patch in the folder "patch" after having performed the previous changes.
      After I have performed a "liveArea refresh" everything works!
      Hidden Content
      Give reaction or reply to this topic to see the hidden content.
      Keep in mind that all the samples I'm showing here are all just Level 2 and 3 of the said Punishment. It wont be fun if I show it to you now, right? I didn't include the other 2 (Miu and Himekami) but don't worry, they are also included in the mod.
      Please login or register to see this spoiler.  
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