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Vita memory card formatting and Overclocking questions



Hi guys!
Look, sorry for noob questions, but i want to be on safe side here and please answer if you have experience with stuff, cause i need to know for sure.

Anyway, here's the thing:

Memory card:
I want to format my sony 32GB memory card. I have no pc card reader that can read such cards, so i was thinking this:
Transfer all my memory card files to a PC, format card on my vita, than move those backed-up files from PC to vita again. formatted! 
Will that work?
The reason i'm asking is because i don't know does memory card inside vita contains some sensitive files or encrypted that after formating wont be recognised, or will have problems, or maybe ill lose my henkaku (ikd how it is stored) etc... does card contains some sensitive files etc...?

Another question is concerning new plugin i downloaded and used, its called "Better Amphetamine" basicly a VHS menu to play with CPU, GPU, BUS speeds (and i presume bus speed is transfer of information through motherboard, its kinda important..also, whats more important to set? in my pep i only had one setting) etc...
I had that on my PSP, the VHS menu, it made my tomb raider anniversary somewhat smoother and more enjoyable to play. Although, i don't know any negative aspects of using that other than draining battery faster.
I'm concerned of cooking something to death, blowing something up...in vita i mean, since vita is more powerful, and it gets a tiny bit warm, which my PSP never did...so what do you think about using Better Amphetamine plugin on regular basis...i mean not regular, cause most games run fine, its lets say spiderman and idk, some other games with frame rate issues and slowdowns....

Thank you guys in advance!



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You can easily copy all your files over to the pc via Vitashell using the USB connection just  

Make sure you have "Show hidden files, folders, and drives"  checked in the Windows folder settings and "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)" unchecked!


With that you can seel all the hidden files and copy em. 



After you done with the memory card format you can copy the files you want just back for example the app,addcont,patch folder.


About the plugin it won't blow up the vita it just unleashes it's full power at the cost of battery life.

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52 minutes ago, PCVITA said:

I want to format my sony 32GB memory card. I have no pc card reader that can read such cards

Why would you need a PC to do so? You can do it from the settings menu on the vita. :mikustare: 

Also, question. Why are you formatting if you're just going to move the stuff back anyway? :mikustare: 

54 minutes ago, PCVITA said:


Don't really understand the first part but don't worry about it cooking your vita. I've used it a lot on Minecraft and previously Borderlands 2. (Just pulled the bumpers and set them all to max).

INB4 Shinobu appears and tells you oclockvita>BetterAmphetamin :lul: 

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i need a pc to backup my data, because if i format memory card everything will be wiped out.
im formating because i installed a lod and deleted moved files back and forth, so i want to make sure card is formated to work best. 

I just want to know if i can do what i asked up there

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