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A stable and better cheat engine for psvita


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Hello everyone, i been looking around and it seem there is no post regarding this brand new cheat engine that were way better than rincheat and gohanmem... 

So i was looking around the Web and i found this tool on some Chinese website that i used to download cheat for my 3DS

This tool called PSVita cheat... It does working and have a fuzzy search..(finally) and those are functional really well. I dont see much code yet.. And i'm not really good at searching address/code.. So i thought i share the tools here so more guys can work on more code and share them here?

There isn't much to say about the instructions on how to use this tool becuz it wont be a problem for you if you know what you were doing... 

To install move the content into their corresponding folder, add a new line for those plugin in tai config and pop the tool by pressing L+ right on dpad. (this can be  change on setting menu)

Begin your search by choosing search menu, change between exact search and fuzzy search by pressing R button. After you found the address/code, hit start button on those adress and it will appear on cheat list.. Edit your code and then press up on left stick to save the code, the cheat you saved can be found on ux0:vitacheat/db/ in .Psv format which you guys can share here, or atleast share the adress, others can add it themself. That includes me?

I almost forgot,  dont forget to change the range of search if what you are try to find cannot be found..

Lets work together on finding more codes guys.. 

I can finally play toukiden 2 with infinite stamina

Need for speed with infinite nitrous

God of war with infinite magic??


here's the link for the tool

This is the hidden content, please

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