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HELP please


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after I connect my vita on my pc using usb I forgot to turn off my antivirus kaspersky but I choose do not scan when prompted, but after that all games and maidump tool, vitashell all said the file is corrupt, I don't have any backup, can you tell me how to fix it? please don't tell me I need to format it because as I have said I don't have any backup

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@fansgirl What/where does it say it's Corrupt? Like whenever you try to launch VitaShell? If so, reboot the Vita.


On older versions of VitaShell, (1.70-1.74) There was an issue where if you were connected via USB, and disconnected, it would throw an error, and say it's been corrupt. The solution is to simply reboot the Vita, and you're good to go!


Give it a shot, if it doesn't work, reply and we'll try something else~


Best of luck~

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