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§ OVERview:
  This forum SOFTware uses Topic tags to GROUP Topics which have the SAME tags.

§ INFORMation:
  When a tag is CLICKed, the forum will SEARCH the DATAbase to find MATCHes of that tag on OTHER Topics and SHOW the RESULTs.

§ USage:
  ● On the “Create New Topic” web-page, in the “Tags” section,
  ● In your Topic, under the “Started by”, click the PLUS button,
    INput the text.
  When there are MANY pieces of text TO be ENTERed, USE TWO commas to SEPARATE the text.

EXAMPLE 1,,example 2,,example 3

§ NOTEs:
  1. When MANY tags are INputted using this method, the forum will REcord it as a SINGLE tag — to FIX this, click the “Save” button Again
  2. IF the text INcludes a comma, the forum will RE-move it — RE-place the comma with a SPACE
  3. The forum will CONVERT the characters to LOWer case when saved
  4. BASIC tags for a Topic:
     a. File HOST
      └ IGNORE the DEfault Topic PRE-fix tags when creating a Topic — it is OUT-dated
      └ IF the DOWNload URLs ALL use the SAME file host — USE that file host as the Topic tag pre-fix
      └ Use the domain of the file host, EXclude the “.com”
      └ IF the file(s) are hosted on MULTIPLE hosts — use “multi” as the Topic tag pre-fix, include the INDIVIDUal hosts as separate tags
     b. OFFICial content name
      └ REfer to Please login or register to see this link.
      └ IF it can NOT be found on Wikipedia — use Please login or register to see this link. Please login or register to see this link. Please login or register to see this link.
      └ IF the content is part of a SERIES — one tag will be the BASE series name and AN-other for the SUB-title/REST of the NAMEd title
      └ IF the title has a NUMBER/ROMAN NUMERal — ignore it
      └ IF the content is a RE-boot/RE-imagining/RE-make — do NOT include the year it was released
      └ IF the content is a album/movie — do NOT include the year it was released
     c. Edition
      └ OMIT the word “edition” from the tag
     d. Platform
      └ AS it is on the official PACKaging
      └ Include the OWNer of the platform
     e. File EXTENsion
      └ Include the period in the tag
     f. TnW
     g. REGion
      └ FOR DISC-based games, use ntsc/pal
      └ For CARTridge-based games, use eu/us/jp/au/ko
     h. Languages
     i. Genre
  5. Forum MODerators MAY ALTer the tags to REfine it.

  4a. google drive | mega.nz | nofile.io
    └ multi,,google drive,,mega.nz
  4b. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 IS Resident Evil,,Revelations
  4c. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is Street Fighter,,Arcade
  4d. PC is microsoft,,windows | Switch is nintendo,,switch | PlayStation 4 is sony,,ps4
  4e. .bin | .iso | .mkv
  4f. tnw
  4g. ntsc-j | ntsc-u | pal
    └ eu | us | ww
  4h. english | japanese
  4i. racing | rhythm.

§ CONvention:
  Topic tags are STRONGly ENcouraged. It is VITAL to BUILDing a robust AND flexible system to group Topics which contain SIMILAR content across the database.

PREserving my culture — OUR culture. KNOWLEDGE passed on and harnessed, UN-ravels even the MOST IMpossible of difficulties…

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