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【Michigan: Report From Hell】【PAL-TNW】


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Michigan: Report From Hell



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You need WinRAR 5.21 / 7-Zip 15.12 or newer to extract the archive.

Packaged as RAR5


This game only got a PAL and JAP release no US one.

The cover is just Russian mockup as i couldn't find a real PAL one in high quality.



Password: [email protected]

Size: 2,9 GB compressed

Format: ISO

Tested on: Softmodded PS2 50004 with OPL from a 2,5 HDD

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@watyermelonPatched it for 16:9 widescreen and converted it to a fkpkg and installed it on my ps4. Game works great no issues and the widescreen patch works perfectly with no issues. Looks great using remote play on the vita. Didn't use a picture so i gotta make a new fkpkg with a game logo so its not blank on the ps4 home menu.

Here is the widescreen patch  in case anyone might want it.

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@Bandcam3 hey man, just wondering if you still have the windscreen pnach file for this game? The one you posted above, has been removed 😢

*UPDATE* Nevermind, needed to create an account to gain access, got it now :)

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