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Bringing PlayStation Store downloads back(ReNpDRM) + Creating NoPayStation zRIF + obtaining PKG links

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What is NoPayStation and everything about it is already explained at main NPS thread Please login or register to see this link. . This tutorial will cover:
-Bringing back downloading from PlayStation store AND/OR Activating your 3.60 VITA,
-Creating zRIF (
converting nonpdrm/
nopsmdrm licenses to NoPayStation format),
-Obtaining PKG links from your PlayStation account.

Bringing back downloading from PlayStation Store and/or Activating your console on 3.60:
1. Download both ReNpDRM plugins: Please login or register to see this link. Please login or register to see this link. Please login or register to see this link.      Please login or register to see this link. Please login or register to see this link. Please login or register to see this link.   
2. Transfer both plugins to your vita ( ur0:/tai or ux0:/tai, depending where you store your plugins and config.txt )
3. Edit config.txt in tai directory, add renpdrm.skprx under *KERNEL and restore.suprx under *ALL. Like this:

Please login or register to see this code.

4. Now reboot your console (in order to load new config.txt and plugins)
a) Open Settings app -> PlayStation Network -> System Activation -> Game . You should see "Activating complete".
b) Open renpdrm log. It should say if act.dat was created and everything spoofed. This log file can be found at:  ur0:data/renpdrm_log.txt
6. Now you should be able to download from PSS again. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: NoNpDRM MIGHT cause some issues with ReNpDRM. If that happens, each time you want to download something from PSS, you need to disable NoNpDRM and reboot your console first.
You can disable NoNpDRM plugin by adding # in front of its line in config.txt like this: 
Remember to re-enable the NoNpDRM plugin after you're done downloading your stuff! 


Creating zRIF keys:
IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to generate proper zRIF you need to use NoNpDRM/NoPSMdrm generated licenses ! ORIGINAL WORK.BIN / *.RIF FILES WONT WORK!

Easy method / for single files:
Go to this website: Please login or register to see this link.                        
Simply upload work.bin or 6488b73b912a753a492e2714e9b38bc7.rif and press convert. 

Harder method / for batch zRIF making:                               
1. Download make_key from here: Please login or register to see this link.
2. Go to the directory where your nonpdrm/nopsmdrm licenses (or nonpdrm games with work.bin files) are located.
3. Transfer make_key.exe there. Now hold shift and press right mouse button while being inside the directory, select "Open command prompt here"
4. Now you have two options:
- if you want to generate key for only one file type - `make_key file.rif/.bin > keys.txt` - for example `make_key work.bin > keys.txt` or `make_key somefile . rif > keys.txt`
- if you want to generate zRIF keys for all found . rif files in directory and its subdirectories paste this command there:
for /f "tokens=*" %B in ('dir /S /B *.rif') do make_key "%B" >> keys.txt
- same goes for all work.bin files found in directory and subdirectories:
for /f "tokens=*" %B in ('dir /S /B work.bin') do make_key "%B" >> keys.txt
5. Open key.txt file. It'll contain zRIF key/keys and their productID and file location.


Obtaining PKG links:
For this step you don't need a 3.60 vita, all actions are done on PC. All you need to have is purchased/added to account games.

1. Download and install PSDLE browser extension. It can be found here: Please login or register to see this link.
2. Go to the Playstation Store page (  Please login or register to see this link.  ) and log in (if you are not yet logged)
3. With PSDLE installed you'll get the Icon on the bottom left corner. Click it.

Please login or register to see this spoiler.

8. Press IMPORT on the bottom of the window that just popped up and paste this: 

Please login or register to see this code.

9. Press OK and then CSV button to export the file to your PC. 
10. Open saved file with notepad or excel. Now search for gameid of the game you want to share, make sure its proper link by either triggering download (just to check filesize) or by looking at the name/productid.

Disclaimer: neither PKG link or zRIF contain any of your personal information. PKG links ARE THE SAME FOR EVERYBODY, and zRIF is nothing else than work.bin in text, easy to share form.

For existing PKG links and zRIFs please check NoPayStation Database itself (linked below). Also do consider adding your own contributions to the "Public" page. :) I'll be merged with locked, organized page later. First page, README 2.0 contains information how to use NoPayStation. 

Please login or register to see this link.

Edited by TheRadziu
Updated tutorial with ReNpDRM info, elaborated part about zRIF creation and updated pkg links tutorial with new NoPayStation requirements.
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So I have some PKG's that are not on any list I have seen (Weapons Pack for Reality Fighters, Hornet Car for Ridge Racer) and my question is how doi make licences for these? 


I ask as this: 2. Go to the directory where your nonpdrm licenses (or nonpdrm games with work.bin files) are located. confuses the hell out of me. How do you get the licences in the first place? Do I take the .rif file of the game and use that?

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Is it possible to share license if I use a vita with latest FW to download my stuff, then I somehow copy that content to a hacked vita with NoNPdrm?

I have been on PSN+ for quite some time and downloaded a lot of stuff that are not on the list. And I'm eager to share.

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I'll write a part about it in a few days, but short version is: yes, this is how you download new stuff to get their licenses. 
You need 2 consoles with SAME ACTIVATED ACCOUNT - one 3.65 the other 3.60 on henkaku+enso. 

Download new stuff on 3.65 console and then you have two options:
-use the memory card from 3.65 console on 3.60 console (with enso memory card wont be locked to higher FW)
-Backup the game via QCMA and restore it on 3.60 console

Then just run the game on 3.60 to generate it's nonpdrm license. 
"memory card" method is quite better, with QCMA method DLCs sometimes get lost (due to different gameids)

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First this:


Produces this:


I don't see any size and other information is missing, compared to PKGi list.

But lets leave that for now.

I'm in trouble at step2 for zrif:

2. Go to the directory where your nonpdrm licenses (or nonpdrm games with work.bin files) are located.

What do you mean? What directory? What licenses? I don't have these games installed on my VITA. What to do? Make it more clear.

I also cannot download any games from PSN due to E-80558325 error. I have a few VITA & PSP games missing from database and would like to help.

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Updated tutorial with ReNpDRM links and how to install/use. Thanks to that you no longer need two separate consoles with two different firmwares to obtain the games from your account. Now, everyone can contribute to NoPayStation database :)

@anjela I've updated part about pkg links to fit new NoPayStation requirements, that includes stuff PKGi requires (such as size). 
To create zRIFs you need ORIGINAL games(unmodified) installed on your 3.60 console. Then, with NoNpDRM plugin installed you simply run the title to 'dump' the fake license(s) for it. 
These fake licenses can be found at ux0:/nonpdrm/ directory. 
After that, just follow zRIF creation tutorial.

Edited by TheRadziu
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Might this also work to make a purchased gamecard run? I bought Drive Girls from Gamestop a couple months ago, and when I tried to run it, I got an error, followed by a message to update my firmware! Since that's not happening, I haven't been able to play the game yet! I've been entertaining the idea of buying a second vita to keep at factory settings, but then I found this thread, and thought I might ask. Because, in addition to not being able to play this game, I've also been unable to access my PSN account and download my already purchased content without being told to update my firmware. 

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@Emankcin no, it wont allow you to run 3.61+ games. It only allows you to activate your vita & download from PSS vita games and dlcs.


if you are told to update your firmware - you didnt update or set firmware spoofing - you should set it to 3.67 so you can use PSN at will.

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I got a problem here.

I followed the tutorial so far so good, my vita was already activated so no problem there, installed henkaku enso, installed the plugins.

I can enter the playstation store but when ever I try to download something I get the dreaded c2-12828-1.

Yes I spoofed version in henkaku settings to 3.67 and set the DNS to

So my question is, is this methode with the plugins "renpdrm.skprx" and "restore.suprx" still working for anyone or is it patched by sony?

Thanks for that clarification in advance, would be nice if anyone who got it to work beforehand could check if that still works.

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