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What Would Have Been Your Dream PS Vita Port?

Vita Queen

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Self-explanatory, really. If I had to pick a realistic game, I would have to say Sonic Adventure 2 Battle or Ultra Street Fighter IV. The former is a game we've all played a lot in the past and I know Sonic Mania would be a more logical choice given it's young age, but I feel SA2 has more to offer your average PS Vita owner in regards to their desire to have console-like experiences on a handheld. What do you guys think would make for great ports? Perhaps some of the cancelled games like Zone of the Ender HD Collection?

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Hmm i would say more games that made use of the whole Vita controls like Tearaway that used pretty much all the Vita has for controls!

Other than that maybe a Vita exclusive Persona, Persona 4 Golden is and was awesome but that was just a better PS2 port. 

In General more VITA only games FOR THE WEST. 




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Wow. Where to begin?

- any huge western rpg (elder scrolls, dragon age, baldurs gate)

- panzer corps

- jamestown+

- enter the gungeon

- a port of ps4’s knights of valour

- rogue legacy

- tabletop simulator with mod support

- titan quest / grim dawn / diablo 

- fire pro wrestling world

- roller coaster tycoon

- doorkickers

- invisible inc.


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