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SD2VITA used alternatively with memory cards?



I've just got an SD2VITA adapter. I'm currently using a 64 gb SD card. I also have a few proprietary Vita cards full of games, Adrenaline stuff etc. And my Vita can't connect to Content Manager on PC, so I'm stuck transfering every game via WiFi, and that would take me hours. Is there any way to use the adapter and multiple proprietary Vita cards alternatively. By that I mean have some games on the SD card in the adapter and other games on the memory cards and switch between them. I'm asking because every time I put in the Vita memory card and then take it out and go back to the SD, every game I had on the SD disappears. Is there any way to prevent this or should I get a bigger SD, transfer everything and only use the adapter from now on?

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Sd2vita is on ux0. And I'm talking specifically about PS Vita games, because even if I were to take them from the app folder on the memory card and move them to the app folder on the SD, it wouldn't work. They need to be installed via Content Manager for the bubbles to show up.

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