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Tutorial|Download from Mega to your Google Drive, Baidu Cloud, etc...


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Hi Guys!

I've been reading a lot of complaints or inquiries from our fellow members as to "why Mega?"

Usually, the reason they've been asking such are as follows:

1. Download Site Preference - They prefer other sites like Google Drive, Mediafire, Userscloud, etc...

2. Speed of Download - Some users get the fastest download with browser, while others use Internet Download Manager for a faster download which they can't use in specific sites.

3. Quota - Other members are heavy downloaders thus, reaching download quota from Mega is a pain in the 'toot-toot'..

*I got another tutorial thread for this specific problem if you guys want to stick with Mega

Now, I personally prefer Mega for it is faster in terms of browser download here in Philippines :whistle:

But no worries, I'll share something for our fellow members whose having issues with Mega :think:

Pointers to follow:

Required Accounts:

- Mega

- Google Drive/ 'others' which is supported by Multcloud

- Multcloud - a cloud-to-cloud transfer web app

What to do:

*Create your free 50Gb Mega account.

*Prepare your Google Drive

*Create a free account in Multcloud, you can get free 10Tb data transfer bandwidth by sharing their site on you Facebook account

*Once ready, search for your Mega file link and download the said file to your own Mega account. Remember, you got 50Gb? hehe..

*After downloading the files to your own Mega drive, go to Multcloud and add both your Mega and Google Drive accounts information to the site.

*Multcloud's interface is user-friendly, you can now start transferring the files from your Mega to your Google Drive

*After the transfer, you can check your Google Drive and I'm sure your files are there. Proceed with your download :arrow:


In this tutorial, we used Google Drive, but if you have a different cloud storage account which is supported by Multcloud feel free to use it.

I prefer using Baidu Cloud in backing up my cloud files in case it gets taken down in Mega :']

For our uploaders, this is useful in fixing broken links. It is like copying the file from one cloud drive to another :dance:

Got questions? PM me, your resident Vitapiracy co-member 'slash' heavy downloader 'slash' tester ;)

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