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tutorial CIRCUMvent Mega.nz DOWNload Bandwidth LIMIT.

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§ OVERview:
  This Topic NOTIFies you mega.nz has RE-enforced their bandwidth limit Against third party software AND presents the SOLUtion.

§ INFORMation:
  Mega.nz ALLOWs free users to download 5 GB EVERY 6 hours. Their system uses your IP address to track your bandwidth usage.

§ PROblem:
  Please login or register to see this link. shows the speed as 0 KB\s for the downloading file.

  Mega.nz has REVISed their platform to EN-force their bandwidth limitation against third party software which PREviously allowed users to circumvent it.

§ Solution:
  1. Download AND install Please login or register to see this link.
  2. LAUNCH CyberGhost, click the THIRD tile: “Protect Network/Wi-Fi”
  3. AFTer you have a connection, launch MegaDownloader to START/REsume the download
  └  IF necessary, SWITCH to ANother IP to CONtinue.

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Nice trick, but I'm always iffy on VPNs.  I've been using the lazy way- leave computer on and it will download again after a couple hours.  I was never able to resume with them before, but I can now, so I'm not as bothered.  I can just download big files while I'm at work.  Sometimes I reboot my modem to get a new IP also..

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