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Looking for some help. A mate should to come here as he uses it. Any way I have a 3.60 vita that I got second hand and war working with no problems what so ever. I even installed the new enso vpk. I got my self the new sd2vita adapter.  Must had done some thing wrong. Had to factory reset the thing and wipe the memory card in the vita. The problem I have is I need to activate the ps vita. Tried making an account but when I log onto PlayStation network setting to activate I keep getting a error.  Have tried with a vita activator that won't work. Have found a mtl app. But I really want to stay away from that rote.  Pls can any one help me. Want to pull my hair out.  My vita is working now but just want it active.  Thanks in advance 

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Currently, you cannot activate your Vita. Sony has pulled the plug and stopped Activations on Vita's lower then 3.65. So unfortunately, you're dead in the water.

The only thing this really effects, is that you can no longer get/use Adrenaline, as it takes a demo from PSN to install/hijack to make into Adrenaline.

The Fl0w said he will be coming out with a vpk version of Adrenaline, that won't take activation, but that it won't release until later this year.


If you REALLLY want to risk it (I cannot recommend this, but some say it works, just don't get on PSN or you could get banned) follow this: 

This is the hidden content, please


Just make sure you read what you're doing before you move forward. You've been warned.

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