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Freedom Wars DLC & 1.22 Update Patch Fixes


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Hello all! This is a combined effort thread, original created by a couple of people. The OP who created the information regarding editing the XML is: KuronekoThe one who provided a working, all inclusive DLC xml with no hacked items is: DjMCvL. Who gracefully provided both EUR and US based XML's for the game! Both original threads can be found here: 

And here: 



Now! On to the good stuff! First things first. The following quote is how to modify/information about modifying the XML file to your own needs. I will provide links to an already done, working EUR, hacked XML at the bottom of the thread if you want to skip all of this!




Note: This both contains hacked weapons and the original style DLCs. I posted this here because my main goal is to complete the style dlcs like costumes, accessories, bgms, etc. I should have divided this post into two, one for cheat section and dlc secrion but It will likely cause confusion so here it is. Sorry too long and nerdy.


I am neutral when it comes to cheating. I don't judge people who wants to cheat because they have a valid point about the RNG. Even though you can get around this by farming citizens some still find it annoying to save scum. Use this wisely as this might break the whole game for you as it did for me which I find the game boring now. For those who are looking for overpowered weapons please stop now. This will only give you a bit of boost in power. No matter how powerful is the weapon you make the game still requires some level of skills. How can you hit a Sinner who have mastered the game and uses the thorn and the map for his or her advantage?

If people want to cheat using this method not because they are annoyed by the RNG then good because it is their choice to make. If they want to take it to the next level and cheat online, it’s Sony’s problem not mine for not implementing an anti-cheating program.

For the record, I will not be held responsible if you got banned. There are no reports yet but who knows really. For now use a dummy PSN account.

If you are unsure and just want to test this out do backup first. Reclaiming DLC from the accessory command will trigger the auto-save function.

Always backup your save files and the DLC xml too! The reason for this is that DLC styles like costumes, hair, eyes, bgm, stickers are tied to your save data! If yoy misplaced the xml file the game will not load your save.

You have been warned.


  • Added Female Accessory Voice #5, Percy Propa Voice and Costume Pack C
  • Added stickers, bonus songs and pre-order formal wear. Thanks to u/ickystasis for sharing the pre-order dlc.

Missing DLCs

  • BGM Sticker Pack
  • Change Home Panopticon Form
  • Right to Additional Custom Loadouts

Redundant DLCs:

  • Bonus Pack DLC
  • Citizen Pack A-H
  • Combat Item Pack A-I
  • Weapon Pack A
  • Pre-Order Powerful Starter Weapons
  • Pre-Order Combat Pack Item


With this method you can easily manipulate the “gift_setting.xml” to fit your needs. The XML file can be copied over to other DLCs and it will override the items you get from those DLCs. What this means is that you can have as many opportunity to cheat as long as you still have fodder DLCs to use. Last time I checked there are almost 56+ (F/M Accessory Voices equals to 6 DLCs total) DLCs you can use. Why do we have to use other DLCs? Well the problem with this method is the once you reclaimed a DLC you will not be able to re-reclaim it so you have to use other DLCs to get around this.

How it works

To avoid confusion this method will only work for “dumped” copy of the game. To avoid any problems make sure you have updated the game to the latest version which is 1.22.

There are two kinds of DLCs for this game, items/weapons and styles.

Items and weapons

Combat items, resources (On High, General L, General S, Field), Citizens and Key items and weapons requires you to activate the DLC using your Accessory Service “Claim Deliveries” before any are added in your inventory. I’ll repeat this again in case you skipped the feature section, if you want to add more items or weapons you have to use a DLC that you have not yet claimed. To be exact, this limitation requires you to use “DLC folders” that you have not yet claimed. For example you previously claimed the DLC Bonus Weapon Pack but later on you want to add more weapons. To do so you have to use another DLC that you have not claimed like Glasses Pack A. Download the DLC folders from the download section.


Costumes, accessories, hairstyles, masks, voices, etc are added automatically as soon as you loaded the game. No activation is required and you can even add more styles. Just don’t remove any styles you already have to avoid problems. Currently some styles are missing and you can help me by sharing. Post it in the comment section. Also better bookmark this page for updates.

Inventory slot limit

Your inventory for combat items can only hold 100 slots and that means you can only use 100 lines. If you have 101 lines and you attempt to reclaim the DLC a message will prompt that you have to clear out your inventory which is impossible to do because you only have 100 slots. How can you clear a slot that doesn’t exist?


  • Weapons: 300
  • Combat items: 100
  • Resources - On High: 500
  • Resources - General L: 200
  • Resources - General S: 100
  • Resources - Field: 200
  • Citizens: 100
  • Key items: 100


You can stack as many items as possible as long as the inventory slot allows it. You can also stack the same modules. Only 12 is allowed per weapon.

Formatting (Items)

  • CAT: The item category
  1. Combat item: SW_ID
  • Resources: RES_ID
  • Citizens: CIT_ID
  • Key items: KEY_ID
  • ID: Refer to the gift_setting.xml for ID numbers that you can use.
  • COUNT: Put the amount you desired. The maximum count for combat items, resources and citizens is 999 while key items is only 1.

Formatting (Weapons)

  • WEAPONID: Weapon ID number. Refer to the gift_setting.xml for ID numbers that you can use.
  • LEVEL: 1/10. Power adapts to the level. If you put level higher than 10 you’ll get zero power :D
  • RARITY: 0/9. 0 is level 1 and 7 is level 8.
  • EFFECTORID: Module ID number. You can use a total of 12 modules/effectors. All modules/effectors are stackable. Refer to the gift_setting.xml for ID numbers that you can use.

Formatting (Styles)

  • TYPE: The style category
  1. PLT = Facilities
  • MST = Unknown, related to color palette
  • PRT = Accessories, Headsets, Glasses, Hat, Masks, Eyes, Hairstyles
  • CST = Costumes
  • CLR = Color palettes
  • DCL = Decals or stickers
  • RTV = Accessory Voices
  • BGM = Songs
  • ID: Refer to the gift_setting.xml for ID numbers that you can use




Now on to getting the game updated and working!


First things first, you need to obtain Freedom Wars 1.00 EUR, I used the thread found here: 

Download that, but Don't Install it yet. We're not done. That is version 1.00, and the latest is 1.22.

The next step is to download the 1.22 Patch, which can be found

This is the hidden content, please

Once you've downloaded that, extract it to a safe spot. Now, extract your MaiDump of Freedom Wars, so it's a plain file that says PCSF00446, like how you would normally do before putting it in your Mai folder to install.

Then, you have to drag the contents of the 1.22 Patch listed above, and overwrite any files it has conflicts with.

Once you've done that, then you can drag the PCSF00446 folder into your Mai folder on your Vita.

And just like that, you've got Freedom Wars on 1.22! I've done this on my Vita (PCH-1000 3.60 Enso, SD2Vita 200GB), and all works as it should, no broken game!

Now on to the DLC!

Download the file found

This is the hidden content, please
. (Please note, this DLC contains the hacked DLC, if you do not want that, replace the gift_setting.xml in the DLC downloaded from the original thread by DjMCvL)

Once you've moved that folder over to your addcont_mai folder on your Vita, you're done!


Just install Freedom Wars with Mai, then set the loading option to 5 (Plugins and DLC Support), Close Mai, re-open mai, and it should say it found cracked DLC, and it's moving it over. If all goes well, you're done!


To Access the DLC/Hacked files in the game, talk to your Accessory, go to the "Access Accessory Services" and claim your extra content. That's it! Check your inventory for all of the added items, and goodies.


Sorry if this thread is a little ugly, I'll work more on formatting once I get the chance!


Double Special shout out to the OP's of the original threads, without the information and files found there, this wouldn't have been possible!


If you have any question, please feel free to ask and I'll help as much as I can!

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@justwinz That means you installed the patch vita VPK, not the way mentioned in the post.


You have to unpack the Game, unpack the patch, then drag the content of the Patch into the Game folder, over write everything, then install the Game via Mai.

If you install the patch as a VPK it over-writes the eboot (and everything) in the game's app folder, breaking everything, leading to a black screen.

Let me know if you have further issues! I might just upload a "working" copy of 1.22 to make it easy if you cannot get it working.


I know it works, because I'm currently playing 1.22 on my Vita with all my DLC :cinalewd:

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