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Hi, I'm miqrojamie!

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Hey, I'm miqrojamie.

Came here for the ROMs, and will probably stay here for the community.

As no one knows me, I am a 15 years old UK blogger (who writes only occasionally about mostly games and tech related things), and run a small YT channel with off-screen recorded content. Yeah, I only have 1 subscriber but I started only a few days ago... :P

Mostly interested in retro games, particularly the 8 and 16 bit era, although I'm not sure I'll be able to contribute anything here, although if I can, I most likely will :)

Using Solus Linux on an Acer budget laptop which actually fares decently for retro gaming in my interests.

Have a good day.

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19 hours ago, Lord Valarion said:

Then you'll definitely enjoy my no-intro sets xD


Speaking of which I think I saw you at darkumbra (a user called Valarion with an anime avatar) with an n64 rom set, though I'm not entirely into the n64 because I never owned one could you perhaps rehost that on MEGA or GDrive and post it here please? ^^

I will probably give you rep for those no intro sets because they are a great find :)

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