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Vitamin 2.0 dumping compatibility list including update/DLC


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When dumping updates/dlc or some full games with Vitamin 2.0, it fails with certain games and in the process corrupts the original game, forcing the user who is dumping to re-download/re-install the game from the store again.

Maybe we can use this thread as a compatibility thread so we are not all corrupting the same games that someone else might have tried to dump already and found not working.

Vitamin 2.0 Full Game/Update/DLC dumping compatibility

Full game dumping

Downwell dumps ok, but game doesn't work

Hitman Go dumps ok, but game doesn't work

Update dumping

A-Men doesn't dump, corrupts game

Binding of Isaac Rebirth doesn't dump, corrupts game

Borderlands 2 (PCSF00576) doesn't dump, corrupts game

CastleStorm working

Hitman Go doesn't dump, corrupts game

LEGO The Hobbit working

LEGO Batman 3 working

Lumines Electronic Symphony doesn't dump, corrupts game

Rock boshers doesn't dump, corrupts game

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 doesn't dump, corrupts game

Wipeout 2048 working

DLC dumping

Pinball arcade doesn't dump, corrupts game

Wipeout 2048 doesn't dump, corrupts game

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Borderlands 2 (PCSF00576) (not working and corrupts game)

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (not working and corrupts game)

LEGO The Hobbit (Working)

LEGO Batman 3 (Working)

A-Men (not working and corrupts game)

CastleStorm (Working)

Lumines Electronic Symphony (not working and corrupts game)

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