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Getting started with Henkaku


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This guide is for installing Henkaku, and setting up the offline installer.

Most of the people here have it already set up, but I felt like having a guide for it wouldn't hurt.

Lets get started!

For running Henkaku, you'll need PS Vita running firmware 3.60. Older or newer versions will not work.

If you are under 3.60, do NOT update over network, as that will install firmware 3.61.

Running Henkaku itself is pretty simple.

1. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi on you Vita, and open up the browser.

2. Click on the address bar and browse to henkaku.xyz.

3. When the site loads up, press Install and after reading the disclaimer press install again.

If all goes well, you'll return back to the live area. Should any errors appear, click ok and try again.

In case your Vita freezes, hold the power button and try again.

You'll now find a new application in you Vita called "molecularShell". This is what allows you to install vpk files and ftp to your Vita.

If you reboot your Vita, you can press the install button in molecularShell menu to start browser and load Henkaku again. However, there is a way to start Henkaku when offline. Let's install that next.

Henkaku Offline Installer


1. Wi-Fi is connected on your Vita

2. FTP client like Filezilla installed on your PC

3. PC is connected to the same network with Vita

4. Vita is running with Henkaku enabled.

Alright, once those are set it's time to get going.

1. Download the Henkaku Offline installer to your PC from this link

This is the hidden content, please

2. Open molecularShell on you vita and press SELECT to start the FTP server.

3. Fill the information from your Vita to your FTP client and connected to the Vita

4. Move offlineInstaller.vpk to ux0:/VitaShell/

5. Now switch to your Vita and browser to ux0:/VitaShell

6. Click offlineInstaller.vpk and install it. Now leave molecularShell.

7. Now launch the offlineInstaller bubble from your live area and press cross to install the exploit

The installation is now complete for offline running of Henkaku. Now lets make sure it works as well.

1. Restart your Vita by holding the power button and choosing Turn off. When the device has switched off, start it again from power button.

2. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned off, and open up Email application on your Vita.

3. When your Vita asks whether or not turn the Wi-Fi on, choose No.

(3.5 If you have multiple users, choose Henkaku Offline.)

4. Go to Inbox and choose the only message there.

5. Now wait for the exploit to run. You might get "Please wait" notifications or some errors. Just click "Ok" on the errors and keep waiting.

6. You should game the same black screen as in Henkaku installation and then return to live area.

If nothing happens for 5 minutes restart Vita and try again.

You are now running Henkaku, and you can run it offline in case you restart your Vita and have no online connection.

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