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Question about Digital games and Offline gameplay

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So I bought a XB1 and im hunting for some games but found some really cheap digital ones.

My question which I just for the love of gaming can't understand is...

If I buy digital games (single player), then make my XB1 as Home XBOX, then turn off the conexion forever, will I be able to play those games or do I need to connect every single time (and in some stay online) whenever I want to play ? where or how can I find this info, cuz the internet has no solid answer, beside the fact that all those topics are like 2-3 years old xD 

I've read that some cannot save, others cannot play unless they login with internet first, the xbox help page aint helping with those questions.

And what happend if I get banned ? digital games are gone for good ? this is just a curious question.

Any help with it would be appreaciate.

@Yukiko since you are the only one I know own a xb1 :x

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I do not own many Digital Games maybe 2 or so for the Xbox One.

But these work just fine offline idk where you even got the Perma-Online idea from?

When the Xbox One was announced they planned something like that where you couldn't sell the game again etc etc but they scraped that as people where calling shit on em (for good).


There are games that need a internet connection always like Need for Speed (2016),Destiny but that is known and even said on the Box or store page.


The only other thing is that if you want to play let's say Battlefield 1 you need Gold for online if you only have Xbox Silver (no Gold Membership) you can only play the singleplayer dosen't matter if you are online or offline.

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