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A post from a "scene" NF0


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just thought this might be an interesting read


First of all, we are not a subsidiary, nor are we affiliated with

ABSTRAKT in any way

Second, we don't know why you act up like we wanted to harm anyone

You claim to be legends, yet you release stuff without knowing shit

about the platform

If there are any guys from the old days left in your group, you should

know better, that the scene should be about quality and not being the

first to pre "playable" dumps ... which you aren't anyway. The BlackFin

dumps might have been inconvenient to use, because of the products

nature, but they were playable and working just fine

Speaking of quality and working dumps, you might want to check your

"Final Fantasy X HD Remaster" release and play it a little bit

It crashes once Tidus and Auron are about to fight the first tentacle

of Sin ... we swear, something like this was mentioned in a certain

scene notice. There are even people reporting this issue online, but

who are we fooling right?

The "Legends" tested everything for us

What we tried to tell everyone, was to wait until a dumper is released

which can decrypt all the game modules correctly, without relying on

the "steroid.sprx" substitute, which is a wrapper for the (amongst other)

fio2 modules plus the in game plugin. Even the rebuilt eboots are

injected with a payload to launch "steroid.sprx". There were never

altered game executables in console scene releases past the 6th

generation. We wanted the scene to have dumps which are as clean as they

could possibly get and this isn't the case right now

Proper kernel access would be capable to give us such dumps and it

isn't even that far away anymore, because HENkakus third stage is

currently being reversed and once the devs hand out the source, Vitamin

could have been adapted to utilise kernel functions, which take care of

disabling PFS and decrypting NPDRM content, instead of relying on

"tricks" like it does right now

In our eyes, scene releases should be dumps, which are as identical to

the original media, as they can get, just like PSP, NDS, 3DS, 360, Wii

and the better half of the Wii U releases were. But sadly for everyone

this ideal seems to be gone

Oh and btw, if you want to create scene rules, you might want to ring

our phone too and tell us something about it, rather than acting like

cool kids working independently with the other cool kids. Setting scene

rules is a matter of discussing the best solution with all groups

rather than just the two of you

But so be it, we are pre'ing what we have on hand and leave the rest to

everyone else ... we can't wait to see the shift to a newer dumper in

the coming weeks, causing yet another type of dumps for the PS Vita :wink:

To the nukers:


can be nuked, as it's not working in its released state and includes

wrong information. There is no Golden Abyss retail / digital release

with Multi 9 language. Subtitles and spoken langauges from PCSF-00001

are "only" Multi 5

If you like this game - buy it!!

This release is Multi 5 (Eng, Pol, Por, Rus, Spa) (PCSF-00001)

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This is from scene... not hack scene but warez scene if you want. We call "scene" what includes all famous games teams, releasing stuff on the net over many years.

Anyway, they can claim dumps aren't clean (and I agree it's true since like they explains its uses tricks to works) but what did they released ? Hummm MaiDumpTool and Vitamin dumps. Not only PSiCO, VENOM too and all other team. For what we know this is the only way to dump games that far so I'm ok with that. But why pointing that unclear dumps, talking about waiting for a cleaner solution then post games dumped using these software... There's a kind of nonsense for me here.

Edit : Seems like they suggest making "Frankendump" for better compatibility (I guess, maybe that's true, but seems like dumps will be even less clean...) :

This is the hidden content, please

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I'm a old school gamer and the piracy for me is the best could happened to Vita because brings to life a deadly console what I have pay for and Sony just let die and don't give a sh17, this console was the most secure I have seen. I don't really understand why the new generation of console hackers have so much drama with piracy and worse why release just because the hype? Fack Sony

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they look like they have some rules for scene releases now

[ PS VITA - Release Standards 2016 v1.0 ]


1.0) Initial Release Standards

1.1) Releases must be packed in RAR. Proof, SFV and NFO must be included.

Proof is required for cartridges because of the amount of dumps out there.

Proof must be a subdirectory /Proof with a jpg of the cartridge and grp tag

EXIF Data on your pictures should be removed as usual.

1.2) RARs must be in multiples of 50.000.000 bytes, no more than 99 volumes.

1.3) First working format that has English language wins; .VPK Format

(compress the dumped game folder to .zip and rename to .vpk)

1.3.1) Best dumper that provides the most functionality / fully working game.

MaiDumpTool_V233.0/V233.1 or greater recommended / new dumper that is compatible

with the molecular shell and provides more options / compability.

* Currently only MaiDumpTool can create the required sce_modules however:

For special circumstances like games with GRE (updates on cartridge) which

are currently not fully supported by Mai, but can be dumped using Vitamin 2.0

you may use a combination of both dumpers to create a working .vpk

(Assuming this issue will be addressed in the next update to MaiDumpTool)

In that scenario you would dump gamedata with Vitamin 2.0 and replace the

eboot/modules you got via Mai (mai_moe/ + sce_module/ + eboot.bin)

Create a new working .vpk file and test accordingly (note in nfo)

1.3.2) Release RARs must be compressed w/ M1 (fastest) or better.

1.3.3) If another dumper comes out - the dumper with the best compability

should become the default tool.

1.3.4) All releases must be released including all sce_module/ files.

1.3.5) The NFO must indicate the version and name of the dumper used.

1.4) The release structure must be in the following format:



1.4.1) Releases must not have any .RIF data included.

1.5) If a game is re-released because of the following reasons the tagging

should change in the release name:

1.5.1) Re-release of blackfin dump, the dir must be tagged:


(nfo must specify that this is a re-release of a blackfin dump and that it

now aligns with current rules).



1.5.2) Prior releases in .vpk format (Vitamin 1.1) can be PROPER/REPACK only if

correct reason stated in nfo (i.e. game crashes at level 5).

1.5.3) If release has additional foreign languages, the dir should be tagged:

MULTI(NUMBER_OF_LANGS) and the nfo must specify what languages are included.

(optional on first release, mandatory on multi after english only)

DUPES from other regions without new languages or new content are NOT allowed.

1.6) The directory name should NOT have a region tag such as: EUR, USA on first release.

The source region must be included in the nfo instead.

Example: if EUR MULTI is first no USA after MULTI, but MULTI is allowed after USA.

1.6.1) For non English releases (JAPANESE/KOREAN/etc.) the directory name MUST have a

region tag (JPN/JAP/KOR ...)

1.6.x) Directory Tagging Examples:




1.7) There are digital downloads (PSN) for PSV such as old PSP/PSX titles and

full digital game versions.

The nfo must specify that it is a PSN or Prior Console release.

This is on par with the WIIU standards for eShop/VC.

Suggested Directory tagging would look like:







We encourage people to double and triple check before releasing these.

1.7.2) Currently we are deciding NOT to address the DLC/Updates that can be dumped.

There are cases where there could be meaningful updates to cartridge games that

come out on PSN where these files could be packaged up and released much like

DOX in the pc-game world. Until such time this is happening and we know how

this will be handled via the SDK we ask that people refrain from these releases

until a better understanding is reached.


These rules are signed by following groups in alphabetical order on 10/Sep/2016


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