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You know that feeling when you are bored so you go to the WWW and look for stuff that might be interesting?

Yes? Than you know how i was feeling today so i went on looking from some R34 Overw... uh ahm yeah i was looking for some art online :lennyface:


Anyway i came across a Chinese game wit the name "Hero Mission" (can it be any more generic?) and i took a look at their site for the game.


Hey wait a moment is that Sephiroth,Girl McCree, Hawkeye Hanzo and RodhogXMadMax O_o




Hmm yeah that moment dosen't look like it could be froma other game *cough* Overwatch *cough*


Oh shall we take a look at Girl McCree? :lennyface:


Oh i mean that is totally not McCree and the perfect armor for combat i am sure ^^ 


I mean okay art can be inspired and it's not like they only ripped of Overwatch (Sephiroth,Hawkeye Hazo and RodhogXMadMax)

But wait there is more than just art and maps.



Here i made a small vid of a round that i played (Sorry just couldn't record any sound for some reason so enjoy some Persona 5 music :<3:)


Oh yeah did i mention that this all is on a MOBILE DEVICE?

Sometimes you are just amazad and askig yourself "Is there something that China has not faked yet?"


You fell the urge to play this awesome 100% original game yourself?

You are in luck the Beta is still going from the the 23.06.2017 till 30.06.2017

You can grab the APK direct here: 

This is the hidden content, please

Or if you feel like you wanna torture yourself with Chinese and the bad Google translate than go here: 

This is the hidden content, please

(This is a joke thread obv you dufus)

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