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PS1 Emulator Tutorial for Dummies (with Download)


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Okay, first of all, big thanks to the awesome people that brought us this versatile emulator.

PSX has ePSXe as the dominant emulator. However, setting up is a pain, with all the plugins and BIOS necessary to run it are taken fro different sources. But no fear, for I have included all of them in this upload. Now all that is left is to configure them. Which will do in what I hope to be a basic tutorial. I shall be using version 2.0.5. No difference between versions in terms of configuration, I picked this one because I just got it so I can move slowly with the configuration, and face the errors you might face.
Note: Be sure you have DirectX and VC++ Redistributable. (You get them off of Google, not here)

Link: (10 MB compressed, 12 MB uncompressed)


This is the hidden content, please




1. We open the application to be greeted by the config setup:



If you have accidently exited this window, or for some reason it wasn't displayed even though you're using the program for the first time, just go to config>Wizrad Guide.
Now press on the config button.
Just finished step one! Atta boy/girl/madeup gender!


2. Configure the BIOS:
Here I only included the US one since I find that it plays all regions with no trouble. However, if needed, ask me for the other BIOS. For now, press on this one. (You can change the BIOS later in the Wizard Guide)



FAQ: is all of this gonna be this easy?
A: Hahahahahahaha. Not quite.


3. Configuring the Video:
Here is where it gets a little tricky. Luckily there's a test button, though it doesn't help much. I've included all the video plugins, but not all of them will work. Depends on the software installed on your device. Or in my case, The plugin I least expect to work. <.<
For now, I'll just pick one of the ones recommended to me by ePSXe. Going with Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.7 because why not.





4. Configuring the sound:
Again, just pick your poison and move on. I use P.E.Op.S. If sound later doesn't work, try another plugin. Simple trial and error. Even monkeys can do it!



Wow! 4/7 steps completed! You could use a break! Lol, no you don't. Because we're almost finished. Bear with it!



5. Configuring CDrom:
Okay, so I mostly rely on ISOs, and most likely so will you. However, that doesn't mean this configuration isn't necessary. Why you might ask?
Shut up, it's my guide.

Here the recommended plugins seem a little bit old. However, they will most likely work. Again, trial and error is on our side. If one doesn't work, another will!






6. Configuring the Pads:
Will you look at that, we're almost done! Okay, here we configure the buttons. I personally recommend you plug a controller first of all. Because PSX on a keyobard just feels wrong.
Now press controller 1 and add the damn buttons!



Now just press on the texts in the boxes with the cursor, and press the buttons you'd like to assign.
Note: if you are using a controller and the program isn't detecting the buttons, change the input on the top right of the window if it is displaying "keyboard".
Do what you have to do, and press OK, then Next.



7. Exit the MoFo!



Okay, now press Done, and exit the program.


8. Enter the MoFo!
What, you thought we finished? We need to test it out you dummy!


8.1. Additional step: (Window size)
This is just something I do for conveniece sake. Wich is switching the game from fullscreen to Windowed. If you are against this idea, skip this step and move on to 8.5, starting... NOW!
To change to Windowed, enter the program again, then go to Config>Video, and you will be greeted with this behemoth:



Just press on Window mode on the top left.
Note: Familiarize a little bit with this Window just in case it has something you might like to change. Like Desktop Resolution, etc.

Here I changed a few things to match my needs, and try to get the most from the emulator. Hopefully without F'ing up:




8.5. Run teh game!!!!
Press on File>Run ISO



Now search for the bloody game!
Found the bloody game!



Choose one of the two files (recommend the .cue one) and you're good to go!


8.6. Messing up:
What the bloody hell is this!?!?



So I got this black screen that won't go away. I want it to go away. >:(

Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic... AH I'M PANICKING!!

Okay, after my nervous breakdown was over, I found out this was most likely caused by the CPU overclocking option. Go to Options>CPU Overcloking> press on x1. Now you might ask why Overclocking is mispelled as as overcloking?
... ... ...

... ... ...





Moment of truth. Ooooh I'm getting the chills!



Oh lord it actually worked!!!  Biscuits and tea for everyone!





Bakura's extra: (infomercials)

Alternative: the pSX1.13, or the grandfather of the current ePSXe. This is kind of like a basic version, with not much dazzling features, and it doesn't need any configurations. All it needs is the BIOS file (which I included in my upload).
I say, while this old emulator is easier to launch, I still recommend ePSXe. Simply because that one is still being updated and is constantly fixing compatibility issues with certain troublesome games. And with some tweaks, you'll end up with marvelous graphics.

Link: (34 MB compressed, 168 MB uncompressed)


This is the hidden content, please




Well that's it for today, tune in next time for a Sega Saturn emulator tutorial, brought to you by Bakura Does Stuff.

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Very nice and simple tutorial, I would like to add a comment in case someone stumbles on the following.

On the 2.0.5 version of ePSXe with newer hardware it's a known problem that in some games (namely FF IX to cite an example), the game will run normally but the audio will be too fast. In that case the only thing to do is to use the 1.9.0 version which isn't affected by this issue and has most of the perks on 2.0.5 (sadly no game list).

I mainly use ePSXe for its compatibility with PBP files, which not only saves a lot of space but can merge a multi disc game into a single file. If you want to try this, just look for the psx2psp tool.

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