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§ OVERview:
  The Mention feature is a method to GET the ATTENTion of a member.

§ INFORMation:
  The person BEing mentioned will RECEIVE a Notification of that post instance.

§ USage:
  In the editor, type the @ symbol, a space character AND the member’s user-name WHEN the drop-down list appears CLICK on the member’s name.


§ NOTEs:
  1. This feature will NOT recognize the text when it is pasted — it MUST be TYPEd into the editor
  2. There is NO BBcode equivalent to this feature
  3. There MUST be a space BEfore the @ symbol
  └  EXCEPT when it is used at the START of a line
  4. The items in the drop-down list can NOT be hightlighted using the ARROW keys.

§ CONvention:
  USE this feature INstead of quoting members’ posts.



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