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Valkryie Drive Bhikkhuni EUR All DLC 160 costumes and accessories + 2 characters and Sound pack


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Here i found all the 160 dlc items, 2 extra characters and sound pack on reddit uploaded by ssjroze. They were the JPN gameID so i changed them to the EUR gameID and re uploaded for anyone that would like it here:


This is the hidden content, please

Just place the PCSB01011_addc folder into ux0:mai/

then go to MaiDumpTool and select the option 'Intsall DLC from folder'

then option 'Switch game loading' select Valkyrie Drive

then Option 6 '2z2 Mode 5 Loading'


This is the option i used and i now have all dlc working lots of dressing room items and 2 extra characters.

Also the sound pack which are quite large files (706Mb altogether) for people who are short of space might want to leave this out when transferring. In the dlc folder it is 00000000162 folder that contains the sound files.

Enjoy :banana-dance:

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