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PSTV/VITA some questions


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Mainly use my pstv. 

1. does all psp homebrews work for adrenaline? need someting for better psx games overview

2. i use a pstv mainly, does we have any tools to block updates? i am paranoid if i give it to my brothers or friends they can update it!

So is it possible to let it "stuck" and make it not updateable??


3. yes i am PARANOID! ^^ so last question is, how can i update my old henkaku offline server (email method) ?

EDIT: updated switchkaku, then i uninstall-install thaien for email but i dont work. If i try hack with mail he gives me thaihen error on mocelular loadscreen

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I only have ps vita and never have play/mess with a pstv so.. here it goes some -lack- support

1. I don't know sorry

2. If is the same as Ps Vita then on the settings you can avoid autoupdates. Don't give it to your brothers or friend or let them know to no dig on the system update nor ever go online.

System > Auto-Start Settings > un tick "download update file for system software"

3. I don't know if its the same for pstv but here is the tutorial


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