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Overwatch Uprising Event!

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My dream came true, and Blizzard unveiled their event and made a co-op campaign that further delves into Overwatch's rich backstory.  People laughed when I said Blizzard would do something like this, since it was "too much work" and "impossible to hope for". I can't wait to get back to them and get the "last laugh". Hehehe... :D

I temporarily stopped playing Overwatch, hoping for some fresh new content to try, and it's here!  My only worry is that it's "limited", but I'm guessing Blizzard is testing our it's popularity first.  I sure hope to see more of this kind of thing in the future though!

They are releasing some new skins, highlight intros, and emotes as well!  I'm already swooning over that new beautiful Mercy skin!  it's neat to see what the Overwatch Agents were supposed to look like in the past. 

What do you guys think, does it get you pumped to play a different mode and have the opportunity finally explore some of the lore of Overwatch?

Read more here:

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