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Help for my installation :((((



Hi Buddies !!

I've installed a game in my psvita but I dit not enought room on my memory card :[ so I had an error

And now my card is full beacause this game is 95 percent installed ans I have not the bubble to launch.

So I would like to know where the game is installed for uninstall

Thank you for answering me ;)

(sorry for the bad english, I'm french :P )

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For future reference, if you have enough space for the downloaded game itself, but not both that and the VPK, read

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thread. Read the instructions on the first post, then use one of the more convenient methods to go about this written on either post 3 or post 4.

Note that the version of VPKShrink linked in the Tweet that's linked in the 3rd post is not the latest version AFAIK. Just go to

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guys Twitter and look at the pinned Tweet. To use VPKShrink just drag and drop your desired VPK to the VPKShrink exe,

As for the FTP Vita Installer I haven't personally used it, so I can't tell you anything about it.

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